Installing : Doom 3

For : MEPIS Linux

Doom 3 is without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed titles on the PC gaming market.  Windows users, however, do not get the enjoy the game alone as ID also supports Doom3 in Linux.

This Guide will use the GUI systems, so we should not have to open the command prompt at all.  However, we will have to go online, so have the network connection turned on.  Also, this is the single largest guide made so far, and is split into 3 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is Part 3, and thus the final part, of the guide.  Lets wrap this up and say hello to the shotgun and rocket launcher calling our names.

47: When we finished the last part of the guide, we had just entered the Data folder of the second Doom3 install disc.  Open the base folder.

48: Both of the files in this folder are useful, pack000.pk4 and pack001.pk4

49: Copy the pak files.

50: Go back to the hard drive window we left open, and Paste

51: Don't worry about cover on that biolab run, this is going to take a while.

52: Once the file completes the transfer, close the CD-Rom window.


53: Right click on the CD-Rom and unmount or eject

54: Once Disc 2 is removed from the drive, put Disc 3 in, and open the CD-Rom

55: Back to Setup

56: Back to flowers in the field with lots of ponies.

57: Fuzzy Furry Purry Little Kittens Rock!

58: At this point, we should be looking at two more pak files.  pak003.pk4 and pak004.pk4

59: And then you gently lift the hair up and *snip*

Oh, wait a second, this isn't the hair cutting class.  We need to copy the files.

60: Put the duct tape away, we'd only like to Paste this.

61: While waiting, feel free to visit or Overclocked Remix

62: Once you've cleared out Ocremix's download section... I mean, once the copy completes, go ahead and close the CD-Rom Window.  And no, I'm not going to yell about leaving the Hard drive open.  In fact, I am not even going to mention it. Oh wait... I did mention it didn't I.

63: Once all the copying is done, there should be 8 files in the base folder. Use the up arrow on the screen to return to the doom3 folder.

64: At this point attention can be turned to the doom3 shell script.

65: Lets create a desktop link first, so drag the doom3 shell script icon onto the desktop.

66: Link here

67: There's our icon.  Did it work?

68: Looks like it!

69: Hey Sarge, I thought you said zombies and singing robots were myths!

Have fun now people! I know I did.

Huh? I missed something! Take me back to Part 1.

Let me see Part 2 again. There is something there I want to check.

Document made with Nvu