Installing : Doom 3

For : MEPIS Linux

Doom 3 is without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed titles on the PC gaming market.  Windows users, however, do not get the enjoy the game alone as ID also supports Doom3 in Linux.

This Guide will use the GUI systems, so we should not have to open the command prompt at all.  However, we will have to go online, so have the network connection turned on.  Also, this is the single largest guide made so far, and is split into 3 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is Part 2 of the series, so let's get right back into the install.

24: In the last guide, the Doom 3 setup had asked for the Symlink path.  Change the symlink path to /home/(username) and then hit Enter to continue

25: Doom3 setup will now ask which components are to be installed. Just hit Enter

26: Doom3 will now ask if startup menu entries are to be installed.  Just hit enter

27: At this point, we are waiting for the Doom3 installation to complete.

28: Unfortunately, although we'd like to start now, we can't.  Hit the left arrow and then Enter

29: Now Doom3 should say that the installation is complete.  Close the Konsole.

30: Open up Personal Files

31: We should now have a Doom3 folder. Open the folder.

32: Inside the Doom3 folder should be a folder that says base.  Open the base folder.

33: Right now there should only be 3 icons in the base folder

34: Put Disc 1 of the Doom3 discs into the CD-Rom, and Open the CD-Rom.


35: On the CD we should see a folder labeled Setup.  Open the setup folder

36: Inside the Setup folder should be a folder labeled Data. Open Data

37: Inside of data should be a folder labeled Base.  Open Base.

38: There is one file in here we want.  pak002.pk4

39: Copy pak002.pk4

40: Go over to the hard drive window we left open, and paste

41: Get comfy. This file will take some time to transfer.

42: Once the file completes the transfer, close the CD-Rom window.


43: Right click on the CD-Rom and unmount or eject

44: Once Disc 1 is removed from the drive, put Disc 2 in, and open the CD-Rom

45:  Back to Setup

46: Back to Data

Aww, looks like we ran out of time for today's show.  Tune in next week as Captain America and the Avengers take on...

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Anyway's, that's it for Part 2.

I think I missed a Step, I wanna go back to Part 1.

Forward To the Glory and Fragfest that is Part 3!

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