Installing : Doom3

For : MEPIS Linux

Doom 3 is without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed titles on the PC gaming market.  Windows users, however, do not get the enjoy the game alone as ID also supports Doom3 in Linux.

This Guide will use the GUI systems, so we should not have to open the command prompt at all.  However, we will have to go online, so have the network connection turned on.  Also, this is the single largest guide made so far, and is split into 3 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lets get started on getting this game installed.

1: The first thing we want to do, is open up the Mozilla browser.

2: Once Mozilla is open, lets go to the Google link

3: At, lets type in Doom 3 Linux.  For some reason, lets be lucky.  hit I'm feeling Lucky and cross the fingers.

4: Zerowing's official page should have come up.
Click on the link that states :  Where to download

5: Click on the link for the Id Software's FTP server

6: Wait for the FTP page to load, then click the link that says Linux

7: There are two files in here.  If you aren't sure if Doom3 will run on your system, you are free to try the demo, but this guide does not cover the demo

8: Right click on the file and choose : Save Target As

9: Mozilla should default to /home/(username) so just hit Save.

10: Now we wait for the download to finish

11: While the file is still downloading, close the Mozilla window

12: Open up Konsole. It should be in the Kmenu under System.

13: Once the Konsole is open, type dir.  Make sure the download has completed first though.

14: Typing the directory command lets us make sure that our doom3 run file was downloaded.

15: Type sh

16: At this point Doom3 will ask us to type in our root password or hit return to continue in the user mode.  HIT RETURN

The reason why we want to do this in user mode is that we probably will want to add more maps, skins, weapons, or mods at a later date.  If Doom3 is locked into root access, such additions may be impossible.

17: At this point the Doom3 Installation will start.  Just hit enter at the system check.

18: Hit enter again to exit out of the License agreement

19: Hit enter to agree to the license

20: Hit the left arrow and then enter to skip the readme

21: At this point Doom3 will give us our default installation path.

22: Change the Installation path to /home/(username)/doom3 then hit Enter to continue

23: Doom3 will now give the default Symlink path.

Such ends Part 1.

Onward to Part 2

I feel like skipping 2 and going to 3

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