Configuring FireFox
  New Browser

For : MEPIS Linux

by: je.saist

If you have not heard of FireFox by now, for shame.  FireFox is one of the largest stars the open source world has put forth, and the only browser to take market share away from Microsoft.

Microsoft has good reason to be afraid of FireFox, but the important part is getting the program.

This guide will deal with actually configuring FireFox once it is downloaded.  If you still have not downloaded FireFox, the following two links should be of use.

Firefox Web Download install

Firefox Apt-Get Download

Setting FireFox as new browser : Web-Download and apt-get

Right Click on the K-taskbar and choose the option that says Add

2: Choose the option that says Special Button

3: Choose Non-KDE Application

4: First, let's get an icon.  Click on the blank box to the side.

5: Lot of options here.

6: Looking down we should see the Firefox icon.  Click on the Fox.

7: Now click on Select File

8: At this point the guide will split:  Apt-Get First, followed by Web-download.


Apt-Get:Hit the up arrow twice to go to file:/

Web-dowload: Open up the Firefox folder


Apt-Get Click on usr


Apt-Get: Click on bin


Apt-Get:head for the M section


Apt-Get: Click on the mozilla-firefox shell script

Web-Download: 5: Click on the Firefox shell script


Apt-Get: Now hit Okay

Web-Download: Hit Ok

15: Hit Okay again

16: We should now have a Fox-Wold icon at the botton of the K-taskbar.  Click on the link.

17: We now have a dedicated FireFox link!

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