Installing Firefox Apt-Get

For : MEPIS Linux

by: je.saist

If you have not heard of FireFox by now, for shame.  FireFox is one of the largest stars the open source world has put forth, and the only browser to take market share away from Microsoft.

Microsoft has good reason to be afraid of FireFox, but the important part is getting the program.

This guide will deal with getting FireFox off Debians Apt-Get repository.

1: Go ahead and open up Kpackage.  It is currently in most used applications

2: Once Kpackage is open, click on file and choose find package

3: Once the find box is open, type in FireFox

4: There we go.

5: Click on Install

6: Type in the root password

7: Once the box is up, go ahead and hit install

8: Play some music or something.

9: When the installer finishes, hit done

10: Go ahead and close Kpackage and open up Personal Files

11: Once personal files is open, hit the up arrow twice

12: Konqueror should now be at file:/.  Open the folder labeled usr

13: Open the folder labeled bin

14: Head for the M section

15: There is the file for mozilla-firefox

16: Drag the file to the desktop

17: link-here

18: Now we should have a link to mozilla-firefox on the desktop.

19: Go ahead and click the icon.  Firefox loaded, but we have no homepage.

20: type into the address bar and hit Go.

21: Now click on Edit then click on Preferences

22: Once the preferences pop up, hit the button that says Use Current Page

23: Hit Okay to set this for the homepage.

Okay, that's cool and all.  But how do I configure Firefox?

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