Installing FireFox Web Download

For : MEPIS Linux

by je.saist

If you have not heard of FireFox by now, for shame.  FireFox is one of the largest stars the open source world has put forth, and the only browser to take market share away from Microsoft.

Microsoft has good reason to be afraid of FireFox, but the important part is getting the program.

This guide will deal with getting FireFox off of the official webpage.

1: Go ahead and open up an existing browser and point the address to

2: attempts to detect which OS is used to access the site so that the appropriate download is present.  Go ahead and click on the Free Download link.

3: After a couple of seconds FireFox should pop up a save box.  Right now Mozilla is default to saving in /home/username so go ahead and save.

4: Listen to some music or something.

5: Once the download is finished, open up Personal Files.

6: In the Personal files we should see the FireFox install file.  Go ahead and click on the file.

7: Inside should be a firefox-installer folder.  Go ahead and click on the folder.

8: Looks like we have the install files in this folder.

9: Select all the files and Copy

10: Now his the up arrow to return to Personal Files.

11: Once back in Personal Files, create a new folder.

12: Lets go ahead and name the new folder Firefox

13: Once the folder Firefox is created, open the folder.

14: Once in the folder, Paste

15: Looks like everything is in place.

16: Go ahead and click on the file that says firefox-installer

17: Now the Firefox install will start.  Hit Forward.

18: Accept the license.

19: Unless you feel brave, just hit Foward to select the standard install.

20: Click install

21: Play some music or something.

22: When the Installer completes, FireFox will auto-open.  Looks good.

23: At this point 2 methods of making links are going to be shown.

24: Drag the firefox icon down to the task bar.

25: Release, and an Application box should pop up.  Hit ok

26: Now the shell script is down next to K3B.  In the FireFox Config guide we'll work on making that a little prettier.

27: Now for the standard desktop link.  Drag the firefox icon out to the desktop.

28: Link Here

29: Now we have a desktop link.

Okay, that's cool and all, but do I configure firefox?

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