Configuring Firefox Favorites

For : MEPIS Linux

by: je.saist

If you have not heard of FireFox by now, for shame.  FireFox is one of the largest stars the open source world has put forth, and the only browser to take market share away from Microsoft.

Microsoft has good reason to be afraid of FireFox, but the important part is getting the program.

This guide will deal with actually configuring FireFox once it is downloaded.  If you still have not downloaded FireFox, the following two links should be of use.

Firefox Web Download install

Firefox Apt-Get Download

Importing Favorites

1:  Go ahead and open up Firefox

2: Click on file, then click on Import

3: Right now Netscape 6, 7 or Mozilla 1.x is checked.  Hit Next

4: Everything should be checked, so hit next

5: Hit finish

6: Check and make sure that everything came over, and sure enough there are the default links for the MEPIS Install.

7: Now to make some of these links easier to reach.  Click on Bookmarks, then click on the Manage Bookmarks link.

8:  There are the bookmarks.

9: Go ahead and hit the + signs next to From Netscape 6/7/Mozilla and then the + sign next to Personal Toolbar Folder

10:  Click on Personal and make sure that any created links are there.

11: At this point go up to Bookmarks Toolbar Folder and hit the + sign there.

12: Click down on latest Headlines and then hit the New Folder button at the top

13: Name the new folder Personal

14: Click New Folder again

15: Name the new folder MEPIS

16: Go back down to the imported personal links and select all the links. Hit the Move button

17: Choose Personal from the list and hit ok

18: Looks like everything is gone from the imported personal links

19: Click down on the imported MEPIS folder and select all the links.  Hit Move

20: Choose MEPIS from the list and hit ok

21: Now go up to the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder and make sure the MEPIS links transferred.

22: Do the same for Personal

23: Close the Managae Bookmarks box and now our links should be on the toolbar.

Document made with Nvu