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March 14th - 2007

Linked in some more guides including the completed set of CoH on Vedega guides.  Added in an Open Office default file guide, and a guide on KPowersave.

Added perhaps the second most nerve wracking post to the General News Column...

Added Contact 

March 1st - 2007

Shouldn't go so long without an update, but massive number of new guides and a slightly remixed guide.  

Feb 9th - 2007

Second update for today, changed Donations link at the top to point to newly creathed Donations / Commissions page.

here's hoping I haven't gotten myself into something I can't handle.

Feb 9th - 2007

Added 4 Nvidia Guides, 2 for the Current Mepis 6 Final Release, and 2 for the Mepis 6.0.4 beta.

The nvidia guides are supplemented with a walk through of dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.

Added City of Heroes install guide for Cedega.

Feb 8th - 2007

The most delayed guide ever. Cedega install is now uploaded.

Feb 5th- 2007

Fixed Mepislovers link to point to

Added up real-time video page of Mepis Linux on K6-2 Chomper Extended and Pentium-III Katmai systems.

Jan 25th- 2007

Multiple new guides linked to the front page.

Still working on Donations page, trying to figure out best way to say "I'm strapped for cash" and "I'll take hardware for testing."  Donations link still points at the Utilities page. I'm still trying to come up with a workable commissions system.

Changed Original OS Install Link to point to current Blogger Page

New Printer Guides are up and loaded.


New Install guides

#1: Average Installation

#2: Dual Boot and Drive Clearing
#3: Custom Partition Installation

#4: Reinstall Custom Partition

#5: Merged /root and /home 

#6: Reinstall Merged /root and /home


Update: I finally got around to addressing the following files... only to find that the image links have already been fixed.

Only, I didn't fix them.  And i Don't Know who did...

Cblue, if that was you who took the time, or David, I thank thee both.

All guides currently work.



The Blitz:  I'm not sure where I got the idea to call the groupings of guides "blitz," but I think it fits.


I'm attempting to over haul the front end of the site so that news and guides are separated.

But since I'm using NVU instead of a "professional" html editor, the site is going to be like this for a while.

Anyways, these guides are roughly put up as I complete them, so some guides will reference earlier completed guides.

The guides are screen capped at 800*600 resolution.

This is done because most MEPIS users, and most Linux users actually, run in a 1024*768 resolution.

Showing the steps at the lower resolution should help most casual users follow along easily.

Fact is, guides that do not use Debian's Apt-Get can probably be completed with the same steps on other versions of operating systems built on Linux.

So just because this is a MEPIS Oriented page does not mean other distro's should feel too left out.

Recently the site has changed over to In this change some guides may have broken pictures or html.Please let us know if you have any problems.

mepisguides web crew

More General News
Big Ticket Items

Okay... this is probably the second most nerve racking entry I have made. I need to chose my words carefully as I don't want what I am about to write to be taken the wrong way. As has been mentioned in the Mepis Lovers forums, on the various blogging sites I have used, and on Gamenikki, I try to go out of my way to test and retest software and hardware under a variety of conditions. One of the reasons for the repetitive KDE tips and tricks guides is that I use Linux as a Personal Media Center, and I try to show how to get Mepis into a useable state for a 10 foot interface.  Well, the TV that I have been using for the past several years, a 27" Panasonic CRT, has decided to stop working for me. So, I am in need of a new TV. However, this is not something I feel that I can come out and just "ask" for. Short of somebody coming to my testing lab and seeing it, there is not a tangible benifit to any donations for the TV.  While talking with a friend about how to handle the damaged hardware and replacing it, the suggestion was made to create a list on MepisGuides detailing what hardware it would be nice for me to have, or what hardware I am not in possession of or able to get my hands on to work with. If donators felt like either donating funds towards the hardware and or the hardware itself, scan the reciepts and link the images of the reciepts against the purchased products. If a vendor donates a product for the explicit use of testing in a Linux Enviroment, clearly link back to the vendor, and notate the hardware wish list has bene filled by whoever.

I can't say I have any better ideas, so, here goes : WishList Page


Site update : tried something new with the CSS editor under NVU. Set the background color to "Importance" and then used the Page Colors properties to set the darker link text colors that I've been using in recent guides. Turned the size back down on the guides where I enlarged the size.  However, in doing so, I lose the grey background of the page when it is actually published, and get a white background instead.

The color modified page can be found here :  Testing Index Page

If anybody knows how to work the CSS to darken the link colors, or the page, drop me a line. Contact Email Address's listed at bottom of page.

Removed Lower Section of the Page and posted Contact Information


Added Install guide for workaround bug in Mepis 6.5 Beta 6. Added Walkthough guide for Mozilla Pluginreg.dat. Added several user-tools guides, as well as tow guides for ATi driver acceleration.

The Donations Page is somewhat active. I am aware that it is not very professional looking. I really need to break down the seperate parts of the page into easier to follow segments.

Also made some changes to the Mepis 6 section. Trying to make the guides a little bit easier to navigate. Increased the font size and changed some of the color headings. Tell me if this is working, or if the older style used in the Mepis 3.x / 2004.x is fine.



In addition to newly uploaded guides, I've also changed the text color on Mepis 6, Windows NT5, and Mepis 3.x/200x as well as made the text larger, so that the sections stand out a little bit more.



Added Cedega Install and Configuration Guide



Added 12 new guides built on Mepis-6, including one built on the recent Mepis64 Beta 4.

Added 5 guides for Microsoft Windows covering preperation to re-size an NTFS or FAT32 partition on single drive systems where removing Windows completely is not an option.

Added a Hardware report page from a Dell System using Pentium-D under Mepis-64.

Oh, and if you have been using the older jason @ mepisguides dot com address, that has at this point been turned off at the server level. As shown in the Evolution guide, it was capping the acceptance level with all the spam. New contact addresses are listed at

You'll need to look back in October while I figure out a good way to give my email out without getting flooded with spam again. (the entry where I mention that I'd like to do the Guides and Linux support full time)



Added two new guides for Mepis-6

Working on Donations Page. Donations link still points to Utilities


Added Printer Blitz to Completed guides. Activated some FTI files.


Added Printer Blitz and cleaned up some of the linkings. Fixed pictures 36a, 36b, 37a, and 37b in KDE Tricks. Sorted some more guides into blitz's.


Added Install Blitz to Completed Guides.  Moved FireFox Blitz up to Completed Guides.



Wow... what happened to the front page?  You can thank comprookie2000 for the overhauled front end. His effort is... well, point blank, several times better than anything I accomplished.  Here goes to hoping I don't break his new page trying to update.


Email Me

Old News

Completed Guides

Mepis 6

  1. Resize Hard Drive on IDE
  2. Resize Hard Drive on SATA
  3. Resize with merged /home | /root
  4. Install and retain /home partition |  Mepis 6.5 Beta 6 NTFS-3G bug work around


note : at least one adv driver must be installed prior to playing most of the games. As well, the color depth must be 24bits or higher for most 3D games.

    1. Updating with Syanptic
    1. ATi FireGLX drivers Mepis 6 Final
    2. ATi FireGLX drivers Mepis 6.5 - 6.04 betas
    3. Radeon Driver Mepis 6.5- 6.04 betas
  1. Nvidia-Glx Mepis 6 Final
  2. Nvidia-Glx-Legacy Mepis 6 Final
  3. Nvidia-Glx Mepis 6.0.4
  4. Nvidia-Glx-Legacy Mepis 6.0.4
  5. Nvidia : Dpkg-reconfigure Xserver-Xorg. : If installing the Nvidia drivers gives you a blank screen, this should help.
User Tools
    1. Restarting Network Connection
    2. Setting Samba Shares


  1. KDE Tricks : Remove KAquarium and other first run techniques. KAquarium has not been in the Mepis 6.04 betas.
  2. Hidden File View - Mozilla Pluginreg.dat : walkthough to view hidden files and delete the Mozzilla plugin.

Browser / Email

  1. Evolution Install and Recovering Evolution Email from previous install
  2. Opera Web Installation

HTML Programs
  1. Kompozer Install

  1. Install Kaffeine
  2. Using Amarok : A quick run through most of Amarok's features and connecting to Iriver's H300 media player.
  3. Generic Mp3 player : connecting Irivers H300 device to Mepis
  4. Amarok First Run
  5. Debian MultiMedia : w32codecs and libdvdcss2 
  6. Media Support Libraries : lLibMad0 / LibXine-Extras / LibVisual


  1. Cedega Install : A 4 part guide covering the installation and configruation of Cedega
  2. City of Heros - Cedega : Installing City of Heroes / City of Villains through Cedega.

Hardware Reports

  1. Dell Pentium D: Mepis64 Beta 3
  2. Video- Mepis Beta On K62 and Pentium-III

Microsoft NT5

*note* The guides here were created for preparing a NTFS partition to be resized on single drive computers. As time goes on I will probably supplement these guides with additional guides on cleaning up Windows Operating Systems. Also, as much as I whine about Windows, I am willing to do commission work on Microsoft products.

  1. CCleaner : This is a near drop in replacement for Microsoft's Disk Cleanup utility.
  2. Check Disk : chkdsk, the NT5 version of Scandisk
  3. Defragment : REQUIRED MAINTENCE FOR WINDOWS. This guide also shows jkdefrag, an open-sourced defrag utility. Thank you Jeroen Kessels
  4. Regseeker : a backup to CCleaner
  5. WinASO RegDefrag : A backup to Microsoft's Page Defrag in the Defragment guide.

Mepis 3.x / 2004.x


note : at least one adv driver must be installed prior to playing most of the games. As well, the color depth must be 24bits or higher for most 3D games.
  1. Nvidia GLX Drivers : Note, this guide only works with Mepis Versions 2004.X
  2. ATi FireGlide drivers
  3. Changing Color Depth
  4. Nvclock

OS Install Blitz

  1. Average Installation
  2. Dual Boot and Drive Clearing
  3. Custom Partition Installation
  4. Reinstall Custom Partition
  5. Merged /root and /home
  6. Reinstall Merged /root and /home


  1. Doom 3
  2. Unreal Tournament 2004
  3. Unreal Tournament
  4. Quake 3 Arena and Quake 3 Team Arena
  5. Zsnes
  6. ePSXe : excellent Playstation emulator
  7. Enemy Territory
  8. Return To Castle Wolfentein
  9. Mupen64

Firefox Blitz

Note : Since the release of SimplyMepis 3.3 the install guides for FireFox are useful only to users of Mepis versions 2004.X
  1. Firefox Apt-Get install
  2. Firefox Web-Download Install
  3. Configure Apt-Get Firefox as Default browser
  4. Configure Web-download Firefox as Default browser
  5. Set Firefox as new K-taskbar button
  6. Configure Firefox Favorites
  7. Configure Downloads

IRC Blitz
  1. Xchat install
  2. Kvirc Install
  3. B----X Install

Mail Blitz:
  1. Mozilla Mail
  2. Thunderbird
  3. Mozilla Junk Mail Controls
  4. Opera Mail
  5. Evolution : Note, this is Evolution 1.x  The guide for Evolution 2.0 has not yet been completed

Printer Blitz:
  1. Local printer install
  2. Share Local Printer
  3. Share with Adobe
  4. Samba and CUPS
Unsorted guides

install an Instant Messaging program also found for windows
install a file sharing program
Install a powerful web page building package
Install Beta 0.6 NVU
Install an updated version
Changing KDE Resolution
How to change the resolution of the desktop after KDE loads.
Install yet another Browser.

Install Synaptic, a GUI package manager for Debian
Ripping Music from CD's
Don't let those with Nero have all the fun. Rip to .ogg and .mp3
Streaming Music Incomplete
Capture music to your harddrive.For this guide I've been unable to duplicate getting XMMS and Kstreamripper to save Shoutcast and ID3 data with ripped music. Which is why this guide has not been posted for so long. I have no clue how in the world I turn the save stream data on, only that sometimes it works, and most of the time it doesn't.

Problem complicates itself. After closing Kstreamripper out, it started ripping each song correctly, and would not stop until a system /reboot.  No... idea... why, or how.
KDE Tricks
Some KDE wrangling.This originally started as a guide on making the default KDE desktop friendly under the resolution of 800*600. But I wound up finding some other cool things that just had to be shown off.
More Stuff
Contact Information

Jason Frothingham
2 Plantation Hills Dr.
Evanas Ga. 30809


Pending Guides

Trucrypt Installation and Usage IDE / SATA Drive
Trucrypt Installation and Usage Flash Drive
Laptop Standby on Lid Close

Current Guide Page Thread : Mepis Lovers Forum