Updating Mepis Linux

For: Mepis Linux

By: je.saist

Alright, here we go. Mepis includes a few scripts that attempt to automate the apt-get update function. This appears in your task bar as a box with a green arrow. So, lets get to work on updating Mepis.

1: Every now and then, and I think on reboots, Mepis runs apt-get update in the background. When updates are found a yellow box in the lower left hand corner lights up with a Green Arrow pointing downwards.

Left Click on the Green Arrow Box

2: Synaptic will open up, prompting you for your /root password

Enter Your Root Password and Click OK

3: Alright, now we just wait for Syanptic to load. Over on the left hand side of Synaptic we should have a vertical box.

Look over at the vertical box

4: In the box we have several choices. Left Click on the line that says Installed (upgradeable)

Synaptic will now show all the programs installed in our distrobution that can be upgraded. Notice that all of the upgradable programs have a GREEN BOX and a YELLOW STAR

5: Move your mouse up to the top of Synaptic and left click on Mark All Upgrades

6: Synaptic will now ask for confirmation on the programs thatg we intend to upgrade. If you want, scroll through the list. This, however, is not required.

7: When you are ready, Left Click on Mark

8: Now all of the entries in Synaptic should have been highlighted in Gold. Also notice that the Green Boxes with Yellow Stars have now become Green Boxes with Yellow arrows swooshing upwards.

Just because we've asked synatic to mark all upgrades, that does not mean that all packages are marked. As demonstrated here, Kino, is not highlighted.  Lets do a quick check as to why it wasn't selected.

9: Now I am going to Left Click on Kino.  Kino should now be highlighted in blue.  

Then, I am going to Right Click on Kino

10: Right clicking on Kino should bring up the context menu. I am going to Left Click on Mark for Upgrade.

11: I now have a dialog box that says that Kinoplusis to be removed. Now, I don't know what KinoPlus is, so I am going to leave this upgrade for later.

12: I am going to left click on Cancel to close the dialog box.

13: Now we will return to applying our updates. Left Click on APPLY at the top of Synaptic.

14: Synaptic will ask for confirmation, so left click on apply again.

15: At this point just sit back and wait.

16: Now, when going through the updates Syanptic will pause everynow and then and ask questions about the configurations to the programs being installed. I personally put down N for keeping the default choice.

In most cases the Default action is keeping your configuration files. This generally is safest.

So, type N and hit enter

17: When Synaptic finishes, it will prompt you to hit Close. Go ahead and Left Click on Close

18: Remember Kino from earlier? It and Amarok failed to upgrade. Lets find out why.

I am going to left click on Amarok.

19: Then I am going to Right Click to bring up our context menu.

I am then going to Left Click on Mark for Upgrade.

20: I see in here that Amarok-helix is due to be removed. Now, I already know that Helix relates to  Realplayer's open sourced HelixPlayer. Since I generally don't use Helix or Realplayer to begin with, and this is probably just a plugin anyways, I have no issues with deleting it.

21: So, I am going to Left Click on Mark

And then turn the page to Part 2