Installing ZSNES : A Super Nintendo Emulator

For : MEPIS Linux

Whoever said that Linux was all work and no play never tried ZSNES. 
- je.saist (about 5 minutes ago)

Sometimes it's fun to take a trip back in time and enjoy the olden days.  With console emulation, it is possible.  Linux users are fortunate in that the best SNES emulator was open sourced.  Makes for a lot less trouble re-living the olden days.  Ah... when moving Mario only involved 2 directions...

Okay, nostalgia aside, this guide does need to carry a legal warning.  While it is fine to have ZSNES installed on your computer, this will only deal with getting ZSNES.  This will not deal with ROMS.  Do not ask for ROMS from this author or from anyone on the Mepislovers board.  Asking for ROMS will result in removal of this guide. 

Keep in mind that among others like the RIAA and MPAA, Nintendo considers console emulation to be illegal.  While Nintendo does practice emulation themselves and while their legal stance is about as legal as doing 4million mph in a 5mph zone, this guide won't deal with that.

1: Obtaining Zsnes is rather easy.  It is in the apt-get repositories.  I'm going to use Kpackage to retrieve the program.  Kpackage is currently in my Most Used Applications

2: Once Kpackage is open, go up to file and choose find package

3: In the find package box, type the word zsnes.

By the way, make sure we are on the new tab.

4: And there we are, Zsnes.

5: Hit the install button.

6: As usual, type in that root password.

7: Click the install button

8: Once Kpackage finishes, hit the done button

9: Go ahead and close the rest of Kpackage

10: Go ahead and open Personal Files then use the up arrow to go up to file:/

11: Once in file:/ open up the folder that is labeled /usr

12: Once in /usr open up the folder that says /bin

13: Lots of Files here.  Head to the bottem to the Z section.

14: There is our file, zsnes.

15: Drag the icon to the desktop.

16: Release and choose Link Here

17: Alright, lets try opening our new desktop icon.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some shots of ZSNES in action

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