Installing Unreal Tournament

For : MEPIS Linux

As I wrote this intro, I had problems trying to decide what to say.  Everybody, gamer or not, has heard of Unreal Tournament.  It, along with Quake, is one of the best known First Person Shooters out there.  What more can I say to introduce the program? Either you frag it... or you don't.

This guide aims at installing the original Unreal Tournament onto MEPIS Linux, but this is not going to be easy.  I am going to hit on several different parts of Linux, both command prompt and GUI.

1: The hardest part of the install is actually getting the file needed to install.  Installing Unreal Tournament is done with a shell script created by Loki games.  However, Loki folded their doors some time ago, meaning that finding the script file is a bit of a problem.  While I have a copy of the file, I don't exactly have a place to host it.  Quickest way I guess to get the file is to visit PlanetUnreal as they currently have a link to the file on FilePlanet.  Due to the excessive wait times (81+ minutes) I decided to not screen cap the fileplanet process.  It is identical to windows, so if you've downloaded files before, not exactly an issue.

UPDATE: DarthStitch has hosted the Install File on his own Server. Grab it here:

Second Update: I've placed this file on Filecloud.

Also, this does not work in 64bit Mepis 6 series or 64bit Mepis 7 Series. 

2: The file should go into your file:/home/(yourname) section.

The file will be named :

3: Once the file is downloaded, the install can begin.  The install requires that the command prompt be used, so close everything and go to the K Menu.  Right now Konsole is currently in my Most used Applications  because I had it up to open Nvidia-GLX back in another guide.  If it is not in the Most Used Applications, it will be under the system folder

4: Right now I have Konsole set to give me a tip everytime I open up.  Go ahead and close the tip box

5: Once the tips are gone, type dir into the box

6: The point of dir is to check the files we are going to run.

7: At the command prompt type : bash

8: Oops, the cd is not mounted.  Put the UT disc in the drive.  As a note, I tested this on an original release UT disc and a UT GOTY disc.  Both worked.  I would think that the shell script will take any UT disc.

9: Find the CD on the desktop.  Right click, and choose mount

10: Once the CD is mounted a little green arrow will be on the lower right hand side.  Click YES

11: What happened to the screen?  .png doesn't compress some colors all that well, so the size got dropped to 640*480.  Anyways, this is our install path.  There is a slight problem here with the install path and link path.  We want to change any of this later, we may not be able to without root access.  Since we probably will want to add more maps, lets change those paths.

12: The install path has been changed to /home/(yourname)/unreal and I changed the link path to say /home/(yourname)

This will mean that we can change files and settings without having to go root.

Alright.  Hit begin install

13: While UT is installing don't be alarmed by text corruption.  This is usual for some reason across the Unreal installers.

14: Eventually an installation successful screen should pop up.

15: As tempting as it is to hit Play, hit EXIT

16: There should now be 3 new entries in our Personal Files




Go ahead and open unreal

17: And there we go.  If you want to add more maps, sounds, textures, or anything else, here is where you put the files.  Happy downloading!

18: Go ahead and click the UT file here, and the game should open and run

19:  Also if the installer worked well, take a look in the K Menu, under games. Seems that Loki was good to us.

20: If you want a shortcut on the desktop, I'd use the one from the /unreal folder.  Seems that the one in the personal folder section stopped working for me after a while.

Well, get your Frag on people!

Document made with Nvu