Capturing Streaming Music

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Well, this is one doozy of a guide.  This one covers both using XMMS and using kstreamripper. Anyways, lets get started on ripping some music to our drives.

1:  First thing we need is a stream to capture from. Lets open up a browser, this guide is using Mozilla, and head for

2: Once at shoutcast, pretty much surf around to find a stream you want to listen to.

3: Once you've found a station you like, click on tune in

4: Nice thing about Mozilla, it automatically opens up XMMS and puts the stream into the playlist.

5: For some reason, the playlist hid the file player, so I had to move it down. To the top left of XMMS you should see a line of letter. O  A  I  D  U

Click on O

6: This is the system link for XMMS.

7: Click on Preferences

8: Once the preferences opens up, the Audio I/O Plugins tab should be at the top. Look down the list for MPEG Layer 1/2/3 Player

9: Once the MPEG Player plugin is selected, click Configure

10: Once the configuration box opens, click on STREAMING

11: Under the Streaming tab should be an option to Save Streams to Disk. Put a Check in the box and click on browse.

12: Right now the browse is pointed to Music

13: If XMMS starts at / (root), click on home

14: then click on /username

15: and then go down to music

16: Once Music is selected, hit OK

17: Once the folder selected for Streams is chosen, make sure the Shoutcast/IceCast icons are checked.

Then Hit OK

18: Hit OK again.

19: You may have to hit the Stop Button, then Play to get the stream save started.

Anyways, open up Personal Files

20: Once Personal Files are open, click on Music

21: Looks like the stream is being saved.

While XMMS is a servicable stream catcher, there is another tool that can be used, Kstream ripper.

22: Goto the K-menu and go up to Applications

23: Click on Browse All

24: Then on Apps

25: Under Apps, go down to Sound and open up KstreamRipper

26: Now the KStreamRipper app should open. Click on the button that say Add Stream

27: Now to get our stream. Go back to XMMS

28: Right click on the file in XMMS, and choose View File Info

29: There's our URL. Copy the URL.

30: Copy the URL into the URL of Stream.

31: Now is a good time to make sure the URL's match

32: Finish filling out the Name and Description sections. Then hit OK

33: Now the Stream is ready to be ripped. Click on Rip Stream

34: Kstreamripper will now ask for a destination. choose the Music folder and hit OK

Just as a small note, you may want to create a stream folder in Konqueror if you have lots of music saved.

Hit Okay to Rip

This is where the guide deviates from other guides.  Somehow I got both Kstreamripper and XMMS to pull the Shoutcast song titles, and I have no idea how I did so. These steps will get you the music, but in one big format.

Once I figure out how in the world the programs split the music by title, I'll update the guide.

Document made with Nvu