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This page lists the physical hardware that I do not either physically own, or am unable to obtain regular usage with.

Some of these are items that may or may not directly affect the production of Visual Guides. However, it never hurts to ask... I hope.

The page is arranged in order of which items are probably most important over the forsee-able future. Note: Donations here do not cover Cblue's cost in hosting the Guides. Please, if you find the Guides worth donating for, keep Cblue and MepisLovers in mind. I'd still be hosting out of Fateback if it were not for her.

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Okay, updated the page to include a direct donations button. Also started expanding the descriptions of items in the Wish List. Removed Center Justification in favor of Left Justification.

Added some more items.

Visual Display

TV : needs component, composite, and HDMI inputs

Okay, why I am I looking at Component, Composite, and HDMI input tv's? Couple of different reasons. The first is that most of the older video cards that support TV out use a Composite/S-Video connection.  Many of the recent systems support the DVI/Component signaling method. Getting a set with these connection types should allow me to back test cards like the Radeon 8x00 and Radeon 7x00, as well as making sure that future Graphics Cards with HDMI outputs work properly under Linux. 

These are the sets that I'm looking at, or rather, would like to be able to get. 

Slyvania 26" HDTV: ~$650

Panasonic 26" HDTV: ~$800

(no, I'm not looking at both, it's one or the other)

So why Circuit City and not Newegg... which I'm well known for... well, short of Sony sending me one of these things, Newegg doesn't have anything that I can possibly justify for testing. Not that I wouldn't try, but then I'd need an external Video Camera...


Okay, why in the world would I need to ask for processors. Don't I have anything under the sun already? Yes and No. While I occasionally get in systems that have various processors, I don't have some of the more popular types right now... which kinda bites when trying to answer SMP questions. 

Intel Core Duo
Intel Quad Core
AMD Dual Core
AMD Quad Core


Windows Vista Ultimate

I can't believe I'm actually listing this. While I have a couple of Copies of RC1 for Vista, there isn't any way I can afford, or would willingly purchase Vista Ultimate. However I've had a couple of requests for Guides dealing with Vista and Mepis Linux (File sharing a big one). My typical response to the emails has been "You Buy It, I'll Guide It."

Sony Playstation3

Like Vista, it is probably suicidal to list this market flopping device. That being said, I've had two specific requests to show how to install Mepis onto a Playstation3. Yes, Mepis. And you would be right in thinking that Mepis does not have any PowerPC versions available. However, Ubuntu does have a PowerPC version that technically should be installable. (Not to mention Yellow Dog Linux). Well, if Sony won't put Linux onto their system and sell it as a Home Computer, I'll be glad to video capture the Conversion and write for it.

Now, what would I do if Sony themselves donated a system for the purposes of writing guides for? Probably enter a similar catatonic state and completely flub the introduction as in the donations / commissions page.. (that is a mess I'll admit, a /big/ Mess).


None of the current multi-gpu solutions are supported under Linux Drivers.
Any hardware donations should go to the X.org development teams instead for these products.

Nvidia SLI
ATi CrossFire

The original posting on MepisGuides.com is below

Okay... this is probably the second most nerve racking entry I have made. I need to chose my words carefully as I don't want what I am about to write to be taken the wrong way. As has been mentioned in the Mepis Lovers forums, on the various blogging sites I have used, and on Gamenikki, I try to go out of my way to test and retest software and hardware under a variety of conditions. One of the reasons for the repetitive KDE tips and tricks guides is that I use Linux as a Personal Media Center, and I try to show how to get Mepis into a usable state for a 10 foot interface.  Well, the TV that I have been using for the past several years, a 27" Panasonic CRT, has decided to stop working for me. So, I am in need of a new TV.

However, this is not something I feel that I can come out and just "ask" for. Short of somebody coming to my testing lab and seeing it, there is not a tangible benefit to any donations for the TV.  While talking with a friend about how to handle the damaged hardware and replacing it, the suggestion was made to create a list on MepisGuides detailing what hardware it would be nice for me to have, or what hardware I am not in possession of or able to get my hands on to work with. If donators felt like either donating funds towards the hardware and or the hardware itself, scan the receipts and link the images of the receipts against the purchased products. If a vendor donates a product for the explicit use of testing in a Linux Environment, clearly link back to the vendor, and notate the hardware wish list has been filled by whoever.