Installing : Return to Castle Wolfenstein

For : MEPIS Linux

by je.saist

Among ID Software's works is the popular Wolfenstein set which has taught gamers a lot.  Lessons such as the need to turn friendly fire off when using the flame thrower. And who could forget the lesson that ugly fat German people can raise demons?  And yes, the lesson that even the most powerful of demons can fall to an MP40.

Lessons aside, Return to Castle Wolfenstein works as well on Linux as it does under Windows with one major hickup.  In order to complete the Linux install a Valid Working Install of Return to Castle Wolfenstien is required.  If you do not have a working windows computer that you can install RTCW on, forget completing this guide.

This guide is split into 2 parts, and this is Part 1.

Part 1

Part 2

Introduction aside, time to start the install.

1: Like the previous games by Id Software the Linux binaries to run the game were created after the Windows version reached retail.  So we will need to go online to get our install files.

Go ahead and open up Mozilla and point the browser to Planet Wolfenstein

2: Head to the Files section of Planet Wolfenstein and look for the RtCW patches.  There are two files here that we need to be interested in.  The first is the install file,
Go ahead and click on the link up.

3: One at the Fileplanet page, go ahead and start the download

4: While waiting on FilePlanet, go back to the Planet Wolfenstein page and click on the update link.

Note: While the link says Wolf-Update_1_41.exe go ahead and click on the link.

5: The Planet Wolfenstein link is a typo. File Planet says this is a file.  Good.

6: From this point the instructions are the same for both files, so I did not bother repeating them. At this point we are waiting on File Planet.

7: Whenever Fileplanet gets ready to download, begin the download.

8: Save the File to Disk

9: Mozilla should default to /home/(username) so go ahead and save the file.

10: Listening to music while waiting on Fileplanet is a good idea.

11: Once the files are downloaded, go ahead and close everything and open up Personal Files and should be found here.

12: Go ahead and open up Konsole.  Currently Konsole is in Most Used Applications, but it can also be found in the K-menu under System.

13: Once Konsole opens, type dir

14: Typing the directory command makes sure that Konsole is in the right directory 

15: If you are wondering about, these are the maps that were included in the Game of the Year package.  These maps can be retrieved off of ID Softwares official FTP Site.  The reason why I did not use the FTP site is that the .run files would not clear MD5 checks during the install.  Anyways, if you want to use ID's site, direct a browser to the following location:

16: Back to the install.  Type sh

17: Id Software should ask to switch to root. Do not switch to root.  Hit Ok to remain in user mode for the install.

18: Hit I agree to accept the software license.

19: Hit I agree again to accept Punkpuster

20: At this point the installer should be visible.  RtCW put the installer into the /home/(username) directory without asking.  If that is not what comes up, change the path links:

Install Path: /home/(username)/wolfenstein

Link Path: /home/(username)

21: Once the installer finishes, hit Exit.

22: Now type CLEAR

23: Typing clear will empty the Konsole.

24: If you need to, type dir again. Otherwise, go ahead and type in the next command, which is


25: ID Software will once again ask to switch to root.  Do not switch to root.  Hit OK

26: Hit I agree to accept the License.

27: Hit I agree again to accept punkbuster.

Well, that's it for Part 1.

I hear there is a Flamethrower in Part 2?

Document made with Nvu