Changing Screen Resolution

For : MEPIS Linux

A great challenge many users face when migrating from Windows to Linux is learning new common user interface commands.  Changing things like backgrounds and screen resolution in Windows is easy for most people.  Attempting to duplicate those same procedures in Linux can be a bit frustrating.  While changing color depth for Xfree86 has been dealt with, changing resolutions is a bit of a different approach.

This guide will focus on using KDE's default interface to change the X-server resolution after the X-server has been loaded. 

1: The first step is to open the KDE control center.  It is found in the K-menu under Settings.

If the default Mepis Desktop is being used, the KDE control center can also be found in the same section on the task bar as the System Utilities and User Utilities MEPIS provides.

2: Once the KDE control center is up, there should be a section titled Peripherals on the screen

3: Inside Peripherals is a section titled Display

4: In display is  the screen size setting.  Simply click on the bar to have access to the resolutions that the X-server will read.  If you want to have these settings be turned on when KDE starts, there is a button here to arrange that.

5: Once the desired resolution is selected, hit Apply

6: Make sure you accept the changes made.  If the screen goes out of synch or you loose picture, don't worry.  KDE will snap back to the original resolution on it's own.

Document made with Nvu