Installing Quake 3 Arena and Quake 3 Team Arena

For : MEPIS Linux

Quake 3 is without a doubt one of the most popular FPS games of all time, and Linux users can get in on the frag.  This guide requires both command line usage, as well as actually having the Quake CD's.  If you do not have the CD's, you will not be able to complete this guide

This is one of the largest guides created so far.  As such, it is split into two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Lets Get Cracking on this install.

1: While ID software created an install script for Quake 3, this script is not on the release Quake discs.  I'd suggest heading over to Planet Quake to get the Linux install file, which is named

2: Follow the link from Planet Quake to File Planet, and lets download the Point Release.

3: When FilePlanet actually gets around to letting us download the file, save it to the /home/(username) section.  Mozilla should default to this for a download spot.

4: Now we just wait for the download to finish.

5: We should now have in our Personal Files

6: With the install file in hand, time to get started on the actual install.  Open up Konsole.  Konsole is currently in my Most Used Applications. If it is not here, it will be under system

7: While it is not needed for the install at this point, go ahead and put the Quake 3 Arena disc into the CD-Rom and mount the CD.

8: In the Konsole box, type dir

9: The point of running the directory command is two fold.  It first makes sure that we are at the folder where our script file is.  Second, it makes sure the script file is actually there.

10: to begin the install, type sh

11: Id Software put in a script here that will ask us to switch to root mode.  However, for reasons that will be explained later, hit CANCEL

12: The first of two agreements will load.  Accept the Id Software User agreement.

13: The second software agreement will be for Punkbuster an anti-cheating application.  Accept this agreement as well.

14:  At this point, Id Software's Install box will finally load.  The initial screen will look different so we need to change some items.

A: Set the Install path to /home/(username)/quake3

Set the Link path to /home/(username)

C: If you intend to install Team Arena as well, be sure to Check the Team Arena Box

15: Now that the install box is configured, hit the Begin Install box

16: When the installer finishes, hit Exit

17: Exit out of the Konsole

18: Shots like this will become more frequent, as I'll sneak peeks at what the system looks like while building a guide.  Anyways, remember that CD-Rom we mounted back in Step 7?  Time to open the CD.

19: When the CD opens, we should see a folder that says Quake3. Open that folder.

20: Inside the Quake3 folder should be a folder that is labeled baseq3. Open that folder.

21: In baseq3 we only want one file, and that is PAK0.PK3

22: Copy the PAK0.PK3 file

23: Now open up Person Files

24: We didn't check it earlier, but when the installer finished, we should now have a folder in our Personal Files that is labeled quake3.  Open that folder

25: Inside the quake3 folder should be a folder labeled baseq3.  Open the baseq3 folder

26: Now is the time to Paste

And here ends Part One.

Onward to Part 2

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