Sharing Printer in Mepis

For : Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

This guide shows how to prep a printer to be shared among networked Mepis computers.

1: First of all, open up the KDE Control Center

Recent versions of Mepis have a link on the Mepis Taskbar, but it is also located in the K-menu.

2: The control center may take a bit to load.

3: Click on Internet & Network

4: Click on Samba Configuration

5: Alright, time to enter /root mode.  Click on Administrator Mode

6: Enter the /root password

7: Aright, now we have our admin mode up.  This is where it is going to get a little fun.

See the tab labled Printers?  Click It.

8: Well, now we have our printers up, but what can we do with it? Seems our low res screen shots are missing parts of the page.

Left Click on printers once

9: Now, the guide will scroll down the page using the scroll bars.

Ah, there's a missing menu. If you aren't doing this in 800*600, you'll probably will have a clear shot of the edit bar to begin with.

10: Alright, Click Edit Printer

11: And now our printer editing box should be up.

Put a check in the browseable box.

12: With the Check in place, hit OK

13: Then Click Apply

14: Alight, that's all we need to do to get our printer visible. Lets make sure it is on the network.

Right click on the Samba icon in the lower right hand corner, and select Restore

Or, you could just double click on the Samba icon, your choice.

15: Alright, scan the network, and check your local network.

16: Then check your computer. And we should now see a printer listed.

17: the nice thing about Mepis is that the other computers on the network did not require any further configuration.  After making the printer available and restarting all the computers (not needed, you can just rescan the networks), the following screen shot was taken on Viri-Mobile.

No configuration and it found the printer. 

17a: If you want, you can print a test page

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