Sharing Mepis Printer to Windows

Samba Share Part 1 - Samba Configuration

For : Mepis Linux / Microsoft Windows

by : je.saist

While sharing printers within a Mepis Network is easy, sharing across to a Windows Computer on the network is by contrast painful. Buckle down, this is going to require some work.

And this is the doozy.  All together this guide exceeds 90 steps. It is larger than the e.P.S.X.e guide. This is probably the most complex guide so far, involving 2 operating systems as well as manual file configuration.  I'm sorry, but this one isn't staying inside GUI operations.

However, this is the most effective way to share a printer with Mepis as the printer will be seen as if it was a native windows device. Unlike the Adobe driver you will not lose any of the printers capabilities or control with this process.  Because of this some notes must be made.

First : Completing the Local Share Guide is not needed. This guide will cover that.

Second : The printer needs to be supported by Linux and have Windows drivers available.

Part 1 : You are Here
Part 2 : I've already been here, I'm jumping ahead
Part 3 : I just need to check something

Alright? Lets get started.

1: The first thing we need to do is get into a root file system mode.

Click on the K-menu

2: Go up and click on System

3: Under system we should see filesystem.  Click on filesystem

4: Under fileystem we should see File Manager - Super User Mode

Click on File Manager - Super User Mode

5: Enter the root password

then just click ok

6: In the upper left hand corner should be an arrow pointing up.

Click on the up arrow.

7: we should now be at file:/

Look for and click on ETC

8: Under ETC look for samba

9: Click on Samba

10: We should now see our samba configuration files.

11: Click on smb.conf

12: Kwrite should open up to the file.

We should see [global] at the top.

13: Move the cursor down the text until it is next to printer = cups

14: Hit enter/return on the keyboard.

15: In the now open space type in

printcap name = cups

16: Move the cursor down the text and make sure security = share

17: Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for [printers]

18: Move the cursor down to browseable = no

19: Change it to browseable = yes

20: Move the cursor down and make sure printable = yes

21: Hit the return/enter key again next to guest ok = yes

22: Type in : Public = yes

23: Move the cursor down and make sure create mode = 0700

24: move the cursor to the end of create mode = 0700 and Hit Enter/Return again

25: Type in : guest only = yes

26: move the cursor to the end of guest only = yes and Hit Enter/Return again

27: Type in : guest account = smbprint

(there are no plot holes)

28: move the cursor to the end of  guest account = smbprint and hit Enter/Return

(there are no plot holes)

29:  Type in : use client driver = yes

30: Alright, time to save our new file.  The Save button is up at the top.

Click the Floppy Icon To Save

31: Then Click the X to exit.

32: Alright, hit the up arrow in the upper left hand corner to return to ETC

Alright, that finishes up Part One.  Samba itself is now configured to share the printer.

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