Installing Opera

For : MEPIS Linux

by: je.saist

Don't be fooled into thinking that the browser world is just Mozilla and Internet Explorer.  Linux users have yet another browser to look open.  Maybe it is just a song and a dance.  Maybe it is not.  But lets install Opera.

1: First, lets go to

2: Wait for the Opera page to load

3: Click on Download and choose Download Opera

4: Opera's page defaulted to Xandros, so choose Debian from the menu.

5: Opera put the check in Debian Unstable (Sid).  Leave it there.

6: At this point click on the link to Download Opera Now

7: Right now Mozilla is defaulting to /home/username.  Hit save.

8: Play some music or something.

9: When the download finishes, open up Personal Files

10: The Opera package should be quite clear on the page.  Click on the Opera download

11: Kpackage should open up.

12: Hit install

13: Hit install again

14: Type in the root password

15: When Opera finishes, hit done

16: Close Kpackage.  Now in personal files hit the Up arrow twice.

17: Once at file:/ click on the folder labeled usr

18: Now click on bin

19: Once the file:/usr/bin folder is up, head for the O section

20: There is the Opera link

21: Drag the icon to the desktop

22: and link here

23: Now click on the new link.

24: Opera will pop up a license agreement. Hit I agree

25: The problem with opera is that the free version requires ads.  Now, given the sites I normally visit, I don't really have a problem with google doing the ads.  After all, I put up with that in Gmail.

26: Once you've made the choice, hit ok.

27: Now Opera is installed and running.

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