Installing NVU updates

For : MEPIS Linux

By : je.saist

It's bound to happen for most programs to update, and NVU is no exception.  Most of the time installation procedures will remain unchanged, so while this guide shows the original install, it also shows steps to changing over from previous installs.

1: First step is to get the program. Go ahead and open a browser. This guide is using FireFox

2: Once the browser is open, go to

3:  Once at NVU's page, click on Download

4: The desired file is the first Linux download : nvu-0.60-pc-linux2.4.23-gnu.tar.bz2

Note : for future versions, the procedures should remain the same.

5: Right Click and Save Link As

6: FireFox already is putting this in the /home/(username) folder, which we want. Hit Save

7: Wait.

8: Once the download completes, open Personal Files

9: And there is the new version of NVU.

10: Left Click on the NVU package.

11: And here is our package folder.

12: Right Click and choose Copy

13: Now hit the up arrow to return to Personal Files

14: In the previous NVU guide, an NVU folder was created. Open the NVU folder

15: There is our previous NVU program.

16: Right Click and choose Paste

17: Go grab a cola or something.

18: Once the copy completes, open the New NVU folder

19: There is the NVU program file, click on the shell script to make sure NVU opens.  If NVU does not open, at least we have done anything to the old version.

20: Looks like NVU is working.

21: Lets check the version. Click on Help and then on About NVU

22: Looks like the version is the newest, in this case, 0.60.

23: Go ahead and close NVU, then click on the Up Arrow to return to the Nvu Folder

24: Time to get rid of the previous version.

25: Right click on the older NVU folder, and choose Delete

26: Yes, trash this folder.

27: Once The folder is gone, reopen the new NVU folder

28: Drag the NVU shell script onto the desktop

29: Link Here

30: And here comes the twist. There already is an NVU icon from the previous version. Simply Overwrite

31: Now the NVU icon should have been updated. Click and

32: Enjoy.

Have fun

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