Installing Nvidia GLX drivers

For : MEPIS Linux



Like Windows, carrying the right set of 3D drivers can go a long way towards improving the speed and functionality of the OS.  So it is important to make sure that the right software is loaded.  Owners of Nvidia cards are fortunate in that Nvidia does a bang up job supporting Geforce and TNT cards under Linux.  So lets get started and get some performance going here.

System Spec : this is being installed on a Geforce 4 4200 128 Meg special edition Chaintech.  In other words, it's a Geforce 4600 that didn't meet Nvidia's heat requirements.

While most of the programs won't use the command line, I do want to get started on at least knowing something about how the command prompt works.  So our first venture into installing programs into MEPIS will be through Konsole.

1: We want to go the K menu and open up to the System

2: Under System, we want to choose Konsole, our terminal program.

3: When the shell console pops up it will give us a tip.  Go ahead and close the tip

4: Now, on the clear screen, type the word ::  su

su means "switch user" and will give you administrator control of the computer while in this box

5: At this point you will be asked to input your root password.  Do so.

6: The red lines should have changed and your id is now listed as Root. 

7: The next step is pretty simple as you are simple preparing the computer to download information.  Just type in :: apt-get update

apt-get update will venture out into the Debian Apt servers and obtain a new list of all the programs you can download.

8: When the update finishes, you should be back at the red root line

9: Now to get our Nvidia drivers.  Simply type :: apt-get install nvidia-glx

10:  At this point, just sit back and wait.  Eventually the red Root line will pop back up.

11:  Now minimize or close everything on the screen and look for Mepis System Center

12: After clicking on the system center, you will be asked to enter your Root password again

13: You should now be looking at something like the screen below

14:   Click on Mouse and Display

15: Now click on the tab that says Nvidia

16: Put a checkmark in Official Nvidia Driver

17: Hit Apply and Mepis will tell you that the configuration has changed

18: Now just go to the K Menu, and log out.  While at the Log-in Screen, you will see
Restart X Server
  hidden under the options button.  Just click on it, log back in, and Nvidia-glx will be installed

19: It is possible to set some of the Nvidia configurations up after the install.  So lets open up the Personal Files again

20: Click the up arrow twice to take us to file:/ and click on the folder that says usr

21: Under usr click on the folder that says bin

22: Once in the file:/usr/bin folder, go for the N section

23: There is the file, nvidia-settings. Left click on the file and drag to the desktop

24:  Release the file on the desktop and choose link here

25: Click on the new desktop icon to access your Nvidia controls.

26: This was pointed out by reader Liberal-Tugboat

You can also get to the Nvidia settings through : kmenu>system>settings>NVIDIA settings

Document made with Nvu