Installing Nvclock

For : MEPIS Linux

In the pursuit of performance, higher speeds always help.  Unless you are using Pentium.  Then you just need to suck it up and get an Athlon.

Anyways, the topic of this guide is an overclocking tool for Nvidia graphic cards, a program called Nvclock.  Nvclock is not a full featured tool like RivaTuner or PowerStrip, but it does get the speed job done. 

Installing Nvclock will accomplished through Kpackage, so put the command prompts away.

1: By now Kpackage should be one of the Most Used Applications so it should be quick to get to.

2: Kpackage should currently still be on New. If not, simply click on over.

3: Click on the File button at the top, then click on Find Package

4: type Nvclock into the find package box

5: If the screen looks different, I've moved the find package box to the side.  And there is Nvclock, just waiting to install.  Wait a second, that is a console version, meaning command prompt.  We don't want that.  Click find again.

6: That's more like it.  A GUI version.  However, this is the gtk version.  I'll be honest, I don't understand the whole argument between gtk and qt, but there is one.  Anyway, lets see if we can find a qt version since we haven't done a qt package yet.  Hit find again. 

7: And there is a qt-version.

8: Hit the install button

9: Standard operating procedure.  Let the computer have the root password

10: Hit the install button

11: Wait for kpackage to finish and hit done

12: Go ahead and close Kpackage, and open Personal Files

13: Hit the up arrow twice.

14: And Konqueror should be at file:/

Click on the folder that says usr

15: And then click on the folder that says bin

16: Lot of programs again.  Head for the N section

17: Look for the file that says nvclock-qt

18: Drag the file over to the desktop

19: Choose Link here

20: The nvclock icon should now be on the screen.  Click on the icon

21: And gain some speed