Installing Mupen64

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Time to play again.  The application up for install this time is Mupen64, a Linux based N64 emulator.  Sadly Mupen64 is not the best N64 emulator, but is available for Linux unlike the others.  It also is still being developed, which again, is more than other N64 emulators :D

1: This guide will use the Opera browser to fetch Mupen64.

2: Go ahead and open a browser.

3: Lets go to

4: Down Zophar's page should be a link to Unix/Linux Emulators.

5: Click on the link for Nintendo 64

6: Lets click on the homepage for Mupen64

7: Once at Mupen's page, click on Download

8a: We should now see several different downloads.

8b: Right click on the Linux Link and Save Target As

9: Select your download location

10: This guide is using the /download folder

11a: Now here is a high point for Opera.  Right click on the download and choose Open Folder

11b: Other browser users should go ahead and open Personal Files

12: Opera will ask if we are sure we want to open the file.  Hit Yes

12b: Other browser users go ahead and open the download folder

13: We should now have our download file in sight..  Click on the Mupen file

14: Konqueror can treat some files as folders.  Nice trick.  Go ahead and open the Mupen folder

15: There is our Mupen program.

16: Select All and Copy

17: Hit the up arrow to return to /home/(username)

18: Once back in Personal Files it is time to Create New: Folder

19: Name the new folder mupen

20: Now open the mupen folder.

21: And it is time to Paste

22: Alright, click on the mupen64 file.

23: Looks like it opened.

24: To load up an N64 rom click on File, then choose Open Rom

25: Hmm.  Zelda OOT, sitting right there.  Will it run?  Hit Ok to Load a rom.

26: Now hit the Play button at the top of Mupen to start the emulation.

27: Looks like Zelda loaded.

28: And now for some screens of Mupen in action.

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