Configuring Mozilla Mail

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Among many of the benefits the Mozilla browser suite carries is it's inbuilt mail client.  In current versions of MEPIS Mozilla Mail is the default mail client.  This guide will cover configuring the Mozilla Mail program.

1:  First step is to open up Mozilla Mail.  On the default MEPIS desktop the icon is on the K-taskbar.

Mozilla mail can also be accessed from Mozilla.  In the lower left hand corner above the K-menu icon there should be an envelope.  Clicking on the envelope will open Mozilla Mail

2: Since Mozilla Mail has never been setup before an account box will pop up.  Go ahead and hit the Next button

3: Now Mozilla Mail will ask for your name and email address. 

Your Name : this is the name that people will see when you send them mail

Email Address : Do yourself a favor and type the email in lowercase letters.

4: Now Mozilla Mail will ask for the mail servers.  You will need to get these from your ISP, or Internet Service Provider.  Most of the times these will be POP or Post Office Protocol servers.

Special Note: If you are pulling mail from someplace like Gmail and Yahoo, or the email provider you use is not your Internet Provider you will need to obtain your ISP's outgoing Mail Server

All Major ISP's in the US, and most in the UK will block outgoing mail that is not on the ISP's official mail server.  Even if the email provider tells you to use their server, do not. Call and get the official server from your Internet Provider.

Incoming Server : type in the Incoming Server name

Outgoing Server : type in the outgoing Server name

5: Now Mozilla Mail will ask for user names.  Most providers do not require an outgoing user name.  If you are not sure whether or not one is needed, call your ISP. 

Also, make sure that the user names are lowercase letters.  Most Internet Service Providers will not require the name to be on the user name.  However, most alternative providers will require the to be added to the user name.  If you are not sure, call the Mail provider or visit the support page for the Mail provider.

6: The Account name is just a label.  You can put anything you want to in here.

7:  Alright, hit finish.

8: Looks nice, but what is that bar on the left hand side?  Left click on the dotted part of the long bar and drag to the right.

9:  Ah, now the Left hand side of the page makes sense. 

10:  To get the mail, click on Get Msgs and choose Get All New Messages

11: Now Mozilla mail will ask for the password. 

12: If you do not want to have to type the password in every time the mail is checked, Password Manager can remember the password.

Mail Settings

Now that the setup has been finished lets take a look at the Settings.

13:   Click on Edit and choose Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings

14: On the first page shows the

Account Name: The label on the account

Your Name: The name people see when you send them mail

Email Address: The email address

Reply-to Address: If you want replys to go to a different Email, place that email address here

Organization: You can put who you work for

15:  On the Server Settings page the incoming server and port are listed. The port should almost always be Port 110.  The login user name is also placed here.

16:  Copies and Folders: This page gives information about where messages are placed.

17: Disk Space: Make sure large emails are not downloaded to save space on the computer.

18: Return Receipts.  Shouldn't be any reason to be here.

19: Security: Only come in here if you are sending or receiving encrypted messages.

20: Outgoing Server: The outgoing mail is here.  If you cannot send mail, try disabling user name and password here.  Most ISP's do not require it.

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