Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird

Junk Mail Controls

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

The Junk mail controls for Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird are nearly identical.  Instructions for one work for the other. So, lets get some filters set up.

Junk Mail

1: Now to touch on one of Mozilla's strong points, the junk mail controls.

2: Go up and click on Tools and then click on Junk Mail Controls

3: Now Mozilla will talk about the Junk controls.  Hit OK

4: This is the default page for the junk mail controls.

5: Time to make some changes.

Check: Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to:

Dot: Other, and change the folder to Trash

Check: Automatically delete junk messages older than ?? days from this folder.  Set the number of days after download to delete mail

Check:  When I manually mark messages as junk:

Dot: Delete them

Now hit Ok

6: Now to test this.  Right click on a spam and choose Mark

7: Choose As Junk

8: Check the trash.  Looks like it is working.

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