Installing and Configuring Evolution

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Everybody has their favorite email client.  Mine is Novell Evolution which competes toe to toe with Microsoft's Outlook.  If you do not want to settle for light weight clients like Mozilla Mail, Opera Mail, Thunderbird, or the like, Evolution is the program you may be looking for.  One of Evolutions top points is that it can draw mail from Microsoft Exchange servers. While this guide will not go that far, it is something to keep in mind for those in corporate jobs.

So lets get started. This Guide will use Synaptic, but for those familiar with Kpackage or apt-get should be able to use their system of choice.

1: In the Synaptic guide, Synaptic was placed into the K-Menu under system.  Go ahead and open up the Synaptic Program.

2:  Synaptic will ask to run in root before the program starts. Enter the root password.

3: Okay, Synaptic has loaded.

4: Click on Search

5: In the search box type in evolution%20

6: Synaptic gives us a few results for evolution%20.

7: Click on the first evolution%20 to ensure this is the mail client we are looking for.

8: Left Click on the box next to evolution%20 to be present with the dropdown menu.  Choose the option mark for installation

9: Synaptic will now confirm all the packages to be downloaded.  Hit Mark

10: Now hit the button at the top that says Apply

11: Synaptic will again ask for confirmation.  Hit Apply

12: Play some music or something.

13: After the install finishes Synaptic will pop up a terminal box.  Close the box

14: Now there should be a green box next to evolution%20 indicating the program is installed.  Go ahead and Close Synaptic.

15: Now go the K-menu and open up a console.  For this, Konsole is being used.

16: Once the terminal is open type in update-menus

17: Go ahead and close the console and open up the K-menu.  Go up to Office

18: Under Office should be Ximian Evolution.  Click on Evolution.

19: Evolutions setup will now begin.  Hit forward

20:  Evolution will now ask for basic information.

Full Name: the name people will see when sent mail

Email Address: the email address

Reply To:
if you want replys to go to another address, put that address here.

Organization: Optional.

21: Once the fields have been filled in, hit Forward

22: Now Evolution will ask for the server type.

23: There are several options here. Most people will be using POP, or Post Office Protocol

24: Once the server type is entered Evolution will ask for the server information.

Host: the incoming server address.  You will need this from the mail provider

Username: the email login name, or account name.

Use Secure Connection (SSL) : if you don't know about this, leave it as never.

Authentication type: Leave as password

Remember password: If you want Evolution to remember the password click here.

25: Once the fields are filled in, hit Forward

26: Evolution will now ask some account questions

Automatically check for new mail every ?? minutes:  Set the time between mail scans

Leave messages on server: Unless your ISP gives a lot of space, leave unchecked.

Disable support for all POP3 extensions: Leave Unchecked

Now hit Forward

27: Evolution will now ask for the outgoing server type.  Most people will use SMTP, or Simple Mail Transport Protocol.  Evolution chooses this type automatically.

Host: Outgoing mail server

Use Secure Connection (SSL) If you don't know about this, leave as NEVER

Server requires authentication: If you don't know about this, leave UNCHECKED

28: Once the fields are filled in, hit Forward

29: Evolution will now ask for an account label.  It should be the email address. Hit Forward

30: Evolution will now ask for a time zone.  Pick your time zone and hit Forward

31: Evolution is finished.  Hit Apply

32: And welcome to your new mail client.

33: If you have any questions about Evolution, Novell has a good page up: Novell Evolution

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