Configuring Opera Mail

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Mozilla is not the only contender for browser space as variety can be found in the Opera Browser.  Opera also offers junk mail controls and some users may like the Opera Integration better than the Mozilla Integration (or the KDE or Evolution integrations)

1: Go ahead and open Opera up.

2: Go ahead and close the main tab, then click on Mail

3: A Mail bar should now pop up.

4:  Click on Check/Send

5: Choose Regular Mail (POP)

6: Unlike other Mail clients Opera requires all 3 boxes to be filled in.

Real Name: The name people will see when sent mail

Email Address: The email address

Organization: Just pick something here.

7: Other email clients are clearer about these fields.  Why Opera lists them as such is unknown.

Login Name: This is the user name or account name. 

make sure that the user names are lowercase letters.  Most Internet Service Providers will not require the name to be on the user name.  However, most alternative providers will require the to be added to the user name.  If you are not sure, call the Mail provider or visit the support page for the Mail provider.

Password: The email password

8: Now Opera will ask for the Mail servers

You will need to get these from your ISP, or Internet Service Provider.  Most of the times these will be POP or Post Office Protocol servers.

Special Note: If you are pulling mail from someplace like Gmail and Yahoo, or the email provider you use is not your Internet Provider you will need to obtain your ISP's outgoing Mail Server

All Major ISP's in the US, and most in the UK will block outgoing mail that is not on the ISP's official mail server.  Even if the email provider tells you to use their server, do not. Call and get the official server from your Internet Provider.

Incoming Server : type in the Incoming Server name

Secure Connection (TLS): If you don't know if you need this, you probably do not.

Leave messages on the Server: Opera will only copy mail off of the Mail providers server.  If you have an ISP that limits the amount of mail that can be held on the server, uncheck this box.  Actually... uncheck it anyways.

Outgoing Server : type in the outgoing Server name

9: And now the install is finished. Opera already has a good user tutorial in place.  It would be wise to read Opera's own tutorial

10: Have fun.

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