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Average Installation of Mepis Linux

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Installing Mepis is simple and straight forward, but there are many types of installations that can be accomplished with a Linux Operating System.

1: First, open up Install Me from the Mepis Install Disk

2: Click on Install MEPIS on Hard Drive

3: Hit NEXT to clear the copyright

4: Now, a couple of things.  First, set Select Type of Installation to the first option which is labled Auto Install using entire disk

5:  Then Click Next

6: Mepis will now ask if it's alright to format the entire disk. Click Yes

7: Grab a cola or something

8: You can do a couple of things here. If everything works under Kernel 2.6, you might want to have Mepis install 2.6 only. It saves some space and simplifies the bootloader.

Do make sure that Grub is installed in the MBR

And also make sure that the system boot disk is HDA

9: MEPIS  will ask for confirmation to install to the primary drive.

Click YES

10: MEPIS will then confirm if installation was successful.

Click OK

11: Alight, fill out your username and passwords

12: If you want to, fill out your network information.

Btw, small little note, make sure you have unique names in Computer Name, especially if you are running a couple of Linux boxes.

13: At this point you can choose some services, as well as advanced graphic card drives.

Currently this is only limited to:

Nvidia: TNT / Geforce and above

ATi: Radeon 8500 and Above.

However, do note that Nvidia has multiple issues with their drivers and the recent releases no longer seem to support TNT cards, original Geforce, and Geforce2 cards. If you encounter any errors with Nvidia drivers it is suggested to ask around MepisLovers first. Nzone is useless.

14: Localize the system. If you need to change the time, you can do that here too.

15: Hit Finish

16: And Click Yes to Reboot.

have fun.

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