Mepis Install

Installing Mepis Linux and using QT Parted to clear the Hard-drive

Installing Mepis Linux alongside a Windows NT Operating System

For : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Installing Mepis is simple and straight forward, but there are many types of installations that can be accomplished with a Linux Operating System.

This guide is built with the aim in mind of showing how to do an install using QTParted to clean off the system files first.

A couple of things.

First : This guide also shows dual booting with a WinNT system

Second: It only shows deletion of use. This is not a QTParted functions guide.

So lets get started.

1: First, open up Install Me from the Mepis Install Disk

2: Click on Install MEPIS on Hard Drive

3: Hit NEXT to clear the copyright

4: Click on the button that says Run QTParted

5: Now QTParted should load. Don't worry about corrupt graphics in the background. If it bugs you, Maximize the program.

Scratch that. Maximize QTParted anyways so we can see what we are doing.

6: Looking nicer. Click on the /dev/hda line under Device

7: Currently /dev/hda is a Windows drive.

If you intend to dual boot, always make sure Windows is on the first hard-drive in the computer. If the Windows drive is not listed as /dev/hda you will run into complications.

8: Moving down to /dev/hdb reveals the Linux drive.

Looks normal. A little tidbit on drives here. reiserfs tends to be faster on older hard-drives.

9: Moving down to /dev/hdc reveals the DVD-Drive

10: Lets go back up to /dev/hdb since that is where our install will go to.

11: left click on /dev/hdb3

This selects the partition of the drive.

12: Right Click and then hit Delete

13: Now /dev/hdb3 will dissapear and will be replaced with /dev/hdb-1 with type Free

14: Right click on /dev/hdb2 and delete as well.

15: Right click on /dev/hdb1 and delete to finish the deletions

16: Now the Partition should say /dev/hdb-1 with Type Free

17: Up on the top Left hand corner of QTParted there should be a floppy disk icon.

Click the floppy disk icon

18: This will save the changes to the drive.


19: Grab a cola or something

20: Hit OK to accept the changes

21: Go ahead and Close QTParted

22: Now, a couple of things.  First, set Select Type of Installation to the first option which is labled Auto Install using entire disk

If you intend to try some other linux distrobutions, you can specify how many megs of drive space to leave unformatted.

23: Now, be CERTAIN that under section 1a: Choose disk for installation that the HDB is the selectred drive.

If you intend to trash windows, feel free to leave HDA in there

Then hit NEXT

24: Mepis will ask if it's alright to format. hit YES

25: Grab a cola or something

26: You can do a couple of things here. If everything works under Kernel 2.6, you might want to have Mepis install 2.6 only. It saves some space and simplifies the bootloader.

Do make sure that Grub is installed in the MBR

And also make sure that the system boot disk is HDA

I've been told that MEPIS will also install to a Floppy if a floppy drive is present. Since one isn't, I can't show that. Maybe I'll edit this later.

27: MEPIS  will ask for confirmation to install to the primary drive.


28: MEPIS will then confirm if installation was successful.

Hit Okay.

29: Alight, fill out your username and passwords

30: If you want to, fill out your network information.

Btw, small little note, make sure you have unique names in Computer Name, especially if you are running a couple of Linux boxes.

31: At this point you can choose some services, as well as advanced graphic card drives.

I prefer being able to put the ATi control panel in with no fuss, so this gets left at Default for me. 

I'll use the ATi Fire-Glide Guide to do the ATi part later

32: Localize the system. If you need to change the time, you can do that here too.

33: Hit Finish

34: And Reboot.

have fun.

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