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For : Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

Having trouble installing Mepis?

The following guides detail different methods of Installing Mepis Linux. Most show different functions of QT-Parted.  For those wanting to use QT-Parted to erase the drive, either read the original guide or the Dual Boot Guide.

#1: Average Installation  ::  Nothing funny or unique. The standard install routine

#2: Dual Boot and Drive Clearing :: Use two drives to dual boot Mepis and Windows.
#3: Custom Partition Installation :: Create custom partitions for Mepis

#4: Reinstall Custom Partition :: Upgrade or reinstall the Operating System

#5: Merged /root and /home :: Install the /root and /home to the same partition

#6: Reinstall Merged /root and /home :: Re-install the /root and /home to the same partition

The original Install guide that has been previously linked is located here: Original Guide

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