Installing GAIM

For : MEPIS Linux

When moving from Windows to Linux, one of the most common problems run into is the ability to chat.  Most people just do not like up and loosing the ability to communicate on the networks they are used to.  While MEPIS comes preloaded with Kopete, a common Linux chat program, most Windows users will be thrown for loops in using Kopete.  Instead, lets get a program that will be more familiar to Windows users, GAIM.

This time, instead of using the command prompt we will use the GUI (Graphic User Interface) program Kpackage to do our program fetching.  Most program installations in DEBIAN (thus MEPIS) can be done through Kpackage.

1:  Lets go the K menu and go up to system

2: Under System, click on Kpackage

3: Because we already did apt-get update during the Nvidia-GLX driver install, Kpackage should look something like below

3A: If you've restarted the computer, or you came to GAIM first, Kpackage will probably be blank. Simply click on SPECIAL.  Under Special you should see APT: Debian :  Update.  Click on UPDATE

3B: You will be asked to enter your root password.  Go ahead and do so.

3C: After entering the root password, a screen like below should be up.  Simply wait for Kpackage to finish updating.

4: Click on the tab that says NEW

5: Now click on FILE and choose FIND PACKAGE

6: A find package box will pop up.  Type in GAIM and hit FIND

7: If the following screen looks a little different, it is because I've moved the find package to not be so obtrusive.  But there it is, GAIM.

8: At the bottom you should see a button that says install.  Hit install

9: At this point Kpackage should make sure you have access.  Type in your root password

10: You should now have something like the following screen up.

11: Hit the install button

12: After a while, Kpackage should finish and you should have a screen where you can hit DONE.

13:  You should now be back to the Kpackage program.  Click on the Personal Files button

14: Click the UP button twice.

15: You should now be at file:/ 

Click on  the folder that says  USR

16: Once USR is open, click on the folder that says BIN

17: Once BIN is open you should have something like below.

18: That's a lot of files to look through.  Simply click in between a couple of icons, then hit G. This should take you to the start of programs that start with G.  Look for gaim

19: Once you have found gaim, hold down the left click on the mouse and move the icon out onto the desktop.  A menu will pop up with an option to link here.  Release the mouse while link here is highlighted.

20: Now simply click on the icon on the desktop.  And viola.  GAIM is now open.

Document made with Nvu