Fade To Irrelevance What is it?

Fade to Irrelevance, or FTI, is the section of the site dedicated to non-direct Guide writings.  Fade to Irrelevance is open to any of the guides or moderators from to create and post invidual content on.  

Eventually, this box will hold the links to the Invidual Guides sites.

Fade To Irrelevance : Concept

Fade to Irrelevance came as a result of my passing over many articles I've meant to have published through Gamenikki.  Either I never completed them, or I just never considered them right for a gaming centric site.  As I looked over much of the data contained within the articles, it struck me how irrelevant they were. Time had rendered them, well, void of useful content.  The more I thought on this the more it struck me that as time goes by the less applicable tech writing and tech columns are.  

How relevant am I now?  Am I still worth listening to?  Are the things I promote worth promoting?  Or does it all just fade with the passage of time...  Does it all just fade into irrelevance?

So, I started peicing together the idea of a publishing arm that realizes that what it says now may not mean anything in a couple years, much less a couple of weeks.  So, here it is.  Fade To Irrelevance. Mine, and other writings that we won't guarantee to continue to be accurate.

Will FTI focus solely on Linux? No...

Will FTI focus solely on Windows. High Explosive Double Hockey Sticks NO!

Will FTI focus solely on Hardware.  Nah, software is too much fun.

FTI won't focus on any particular item, so just have fun, browse, and hopefully you'll enjoy what is said.

More General News
Basically, I'm using the same layout from the Mepisguides home page for FTI homepage.  Since it seems to work, might as well stick with it.


Updated FTI with Links to the uploaded files.  

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