Changing Color Depth In KDE

For : MEPIS Linux

What bit-depth is your desktop?  Do you know?  Many Linux users don't know or realize what color depth their desktop is in, nor does it really matter.  Unless a user is heavy into pictures or gaming, 16bit color looks pretty much the same as 24bit or 32bit color.  However, some Linux games will not run in under 24bit color.  MEPIS Linux uses a 16bit color depth for it's desktop, and forget running Doom 3 until that is changed. 

Unfortunately, color depth can not be changed in real time under Xfree86 as it can in the Windows OS.  This will require some work to accomplish.  But I have two items to deal with first.

First : The Root Account will be needed in order to accomplish this task.  If you are an in User mode, please log out of your desktop and log back in as root. 

Second: This only focus's on changing depth in KDE as it is the default desktop for MEPIS.  It should affect all other desktops, but I will not say that for sure.  I have only tested and run KDE in this mode.

Now that the warnings are in place, lets get cracking. 

1: Get logged into root mode.  MEPIS conveniently places a red warning background up.

2: Open up personal files.

3: Then go up one level to file:/


4: Open up the folder that says etc

5: In file:/etc there should be a folder labled x11. Open x11

6: In file:/etc/X11 we are looking for the XF86Config-4 file.  Double click on the file.

7: As we move down the file there should be a Section "Screen" and under this should be a line that currently states : DefaultColorDepth 16

8: Change the color depth to 24.  Users with Nvidia and ATi cards can probably get away with changing it to 32, but if you are not sure, just change it to 24.

9: Exit and Save the file.

10: There is also a file labeled Open that file up

11:  Change the color depth to 24 here as well

12: Exit and save.

13:  Log out and return to User mode

Congrats.  We are now running in a higher color depth.

Document made with Nvu