Ripping Music from CD

for : MEPIS Linux

by : je.saist

Perhaps one of the most common uses of computers today is ripping music. CD and DVD drives are often sold proclaiming that CD's can be ripped at such and such a speed.  However, most of the software that is is out there is designed for Windows. Linux users need not fear, as there is an excellent CD ripping program available that comes stock in Mepis. This guide will cover ripping a CD using K3B.

1: Lets go ahead and open up K3B

2: If the tip is up, close the tip.

3: Looking at the top left hand corner of K3B reveals that it lists any CD drives. Click on the drive that contains the music CD.

4: K3B will now load the files and attempt to find a Cddb entry. If it does not, the file names will need to be entered manually.  If it does find a CD list, that's good.

5: To mark files manually, first of all click on a track.

6: Now, up above the tracks are 5 buttons. The one with the square around it now is the Album Cddb info. Click on the icon.

7: K3B will now ask for the Cddb information for the disc.

8: Once the information is entered, hit OK.

9: Now, the Icon in the middle is the actual track information icon. Click on the middle icon.

10: Now K3B will ask for the name of the song and the artist.

11: Fill the information in, and hit okay.

12: Looks like the information took. Continue on down the rest of the tracks and finish filling the track information out if a cddb entry was not found.

13: Once the files are named, click on the blue icon to the far right to start ripping.

14: The ripping screen has several parts to it, so we'll go over them. In the lower left hand corner is a box that is labeled with filetype. This box determines which format the music will be ripped in. Currently the format is set to wave.

Wave files, however, are just bit for bit copies of the CD's. While these are the most accurate of file types, Wave is also the largest. lets go for something smaller.

15: Hitting the down arrow next to wave will drop down a box showing all of the file types K3B should be able to save to. MP3, however, is the most popular, so select Mp3 (Lame)

16: If you look to the upper box, it should be noticed that the file size has changed to unknown. Like most Linux programs, K3B seems to be unable to specify bit rates for mp3 and must use a variable bit rate.

Just don't expect quality to be good.

17: Go ahead and click on the blue gear next to Mp3  (Lame).

18: This brings up the mp3 configuration box, which allows some specifications as to how the file is built. Go ahead and close out of this box though by hitting cancel. We want a better format for our music.

19: Hit the down arrow next to Mp3 (Lame) and select Ogg-Vorbis.

Ogg Vorbis is a better format than Mp3, offering better sound quality for space than Mp3, with clearer tones. While not as good as Mp3 Pro or Mp4, .Ogg is as good as it gets in Linux.

20: Go ahead and click the blue configure gear

21: Unlike Mp3 under Linux, Ogg Vorbis quality can be set.  Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the larger the file size. While Ogg sounds better than Mp3 at the same file size, I'm going all out and setting the quality at maximum.  Once the quality level is set, hit ok

22: Now to change our destination directory. K3B defaults to /home/(username)

23: The nice thing about K3B is that it has no problems creating folders for new music. So go ahead and change the directory to a place where you want the music to go. 

In this case, /home/(username)/Music/(artist) was the path given for the destination.

24: Now, hit the Start Ripping button in the upper right hand corner.

25: This is probably going to take a while.

26: Cute, the picture of the penguin at the top changes when ripping is completed. hit the close button.

27: Go ahead and Open personal files

28: Go to the music folder.

29: Once in the Music folder, click on the Artist name.

30: Nice of K3B to create an artist folder. While it may not have made much since to do this, if you have multiple CD's by the same artist, it helps to have a dedicated artist folder.

31: And there are the music files.

32: Go ahead and click on one and make sure it ripped alright.

Configuring Remote Cddb lookup.

Telling K3B to access the internet to look up CD titles and artists is a simple process.

1: Go ahead and open K3B up.

2: Click on Settings

3: Then click on Configure K3b

4: In the options, there are several parts of K3B that can be configured. For now, click on CDDB

5: Once the CDDB page opens, click on Remote

6: Under the remote tab is the check to Enable Remote CDDB queries. K3B appears to leave this off by default. It is also possible to add more servers for K3B to access.

Well, get to ripping yall

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