Base System Details

So, what exactly has been done to these auction systems anyways?  Well, for those who want an itemized breakdown of the original $200 bid tag on the desktops, drop me an email:

Hardware Changes

The short version is this: $200 buys the general tune-up and refurbishing of the system.  The IDE cables have been replaced, the BIOS Batteries have been checked, and the system is run through basic hardware tests.

Beyond that, other changes have been made to the hardware.

1: New Hard-Drives : Each of these computers is sporting at least a 20gig hard-drive.

2: Network Adapters : Each computer also now has at least a 10baseT networking card.

3: Memory : Each system has at least 256megs of RAM, the original RAM is gone.

4: Power Supplies : One system has a new power supply. The others checked out.

5: CD Writers : Each system sports a CD-Writer, and it has been tested to work with K3B.

One change has not been made though.  I don't exactly have any Socket 370 heatsinks and fans sitting around that will fit the Compaq and HP computers. However, they do use 40mm fans. So, I'll make this offer. If the systems reach the $450 mark, we'll work out some kind of cooling solution that isn't as whiny.

Software Changes

This is where things get strikingly different from your average Ebay'd computer. These systems are pre-loaded with Mepis Linux 6.5 and have been tested to work with all of the included applications. So, yes, you can burn CD's and use Amarok out of the box.

The starting bid gets a 6 month subscription to the Mepis Linux Store.  I have already checked with the Store maintainer to make sure that this is alright to do. The subscription will be treated as a gift. The auction payment is made to me, I then make the payment to, and the login data will be sent to your chosen email address.

Beyond the pre-loading of Mepis, the starting bid also includes multiple other changes. Among the major software additions are these:

1: XFCE : Since these are relatively older computers, XFCE has been installed

2: IceWM : IceWM is also pre-installed

3: Kaffeine 0.8.3 : The latest Kaffeine has been installed

4: GNUcash : GNUcash 2.0.5 from the Mepis Repositories is included

5: Chrono Symphonic : A more personal touch to the system. The FLAC and MP3 versions are included in the /music folder, and the default Mepis32 artwork has been swapped out in favor of the Chrono Symphonic Artwork.

6: Pre-loaded Guides: Specifically the password changing guide as well as walkthroughs for the Mepis Assistants.

XFCE has also been slightly modified as a desktop. Here's what it looks like on these machines

Konqueror and Kaffeine have been given desktop icons. Kwikdisk and Kmix are loading into the upper right hand corner... and, well... I think the background says what I want it to say.

The final difference is Pre-Configuration. Simply notify me of the Username you wish to have set for the computer, and it will be set as the default Username for the computer.

The intent is that when you get this computer, all you should have to do is unpack it, plug it up, and go.

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