Compaq Computer Details

Okay, this the Compaq Computer.  First of all, full discloser. This system was owned by a chain smoker for a couple of years. I've done my best to remove the smokey odor... but, to be honest, the odor may not be completely gone.

Like the other systems, it has gone through the tune-up and is sporting a new BIOS battery.


Specifically, this is the weakest computer. It only has a K6-2 Chomper Extended at 450mhz.


And sadly, the motherboard won't accept anything over 128meg sticks of RAM, so this system is upgraded as far as it will go.  


Alright, this is the case that if bidding goes high enough, this computer will be placed into.

Yes, it is decorated with LanParty Stickers.  Sadly, I can't say that the lights on the front work that well... this was a tournament case and has taken it's share of knocks.


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