Auction - Gateway Solo 3450

Going up for auction is a Gateway Solo 3450.  This is backed by a Pentium III @750mhz and 64mb of onboard memory. It has been bolstered with an additional 128meg stick, the largest accepted by the memory controller.

Money from this auction will directly benifit the development of Mepis Linux with a purchase of a subscription to Mepis Linux, as well as an equal amount going to Cblue of Mepis Lovers.

Unlike the 3 Desktop Computers auction, this is not an escalating auction. It is a flat auction. What you see is what you get.  The default softare package, however, is identical.

Bidding for this laptop starts at $350.  I'll also make a note that the system desperately needs a new battery. The old one has up and died. However, a new battery will run around $120. So, for those wanting to spend under $500 on a laptop preloaded with Linux, this should be what you are looking for.  And yes, the power cord is included, and it does work quite well.

The laptop does include it's docking station, which does work, and yes, DVD playback works.

Alright, onto the photographs of what you will be getting. A top shot of the laptop.


The processor.


The memory. 


A shot of the Laptop and the Docking station seperated.


A somewhat close up of the laptop with the monitor lid open.


And here we can see the front of the docking station with it's DVD / CDR dive and floppy.


A back shot of the Docking station and the left hand side of the laptop.


And the right hand side of the laptop with the VGA plug showing.

Um... and no, the dock isn't supposed to be showing anything. I just thought it looked cool.