Auction / Fundraiser

Alright, here we go.  While I'm hesitant to call this a Fundraiser, but that is what this is.  This is an Escalating Auction. That means that the item that you are bidding on changes as the amount of the bid goes up.  It is also a fund raiser, money from this auction will go directly to both in purchasing subscriptions for Mepis Linux, an equal amount will also go to MepisLovers to cover hosting costs.

There are 3 computers, with the system details listed through the links below.

Compaq Desktop  |  HP Desktop  |  Mutt Desktop

Each of the desktops is about a ~450mhz processor, and each has at least 256megs of memory. Each system is preloaded with a modified version of Mepis. Additional software has been added. For a full list of the changes made to the default Mepis System:

Base System Details

The bidding amounts are lined up in the following amounts, at which the product will change.

$200   |   $300   |   $350   |   $400   |   $450

$200 :: The starting bid is $200, which includes the base modified system, as well as personilization. Mepis Linux will be modified to have the user name you desire, so that when you plug the system up, it will just be plug and play.

$300 :: At $300, each system is matched with a monitor, and the X server will be configured for each monitor. The monitors have been tested.

$350 :: At $350, the original cases are discarded.  Some of my old Tournament cases are up for grabs. Feel like owning something that VT-Grumpy-Bunny used? Here's your chance.

$400 :: At $400, the product changes again. In addition to the monitor and new case, we'll do some lighting mods. In the case of the Widow Cases, we'll go with a cold blue cathode setup. For the Acrylic Green? It will be glowing.

$450 :: This is set as the buy-it-now price. If anybody sets this down, auction is over. That being said, if bidding goes beyond $450, I'm going to have to come up with something even wilder in order to set the computers apart.

Okay, that's the line-up for the escalating bid. So, what exactly are you bidding on?


These are the three systems from the front.


And the right side view.


A look at the backside. I left the grill off the back of the HP.


Then the Left side with covers on.



Bidding item changes. Now each system is getting a monitor to go with it.


Here I have placed the monitors next to the systems they will go with.



At $350, bidding item changes again. 3 of my tournament cases are up for grabs. Here they are.  Two of my Widow cases and an Acrylic that housed a DFI LanParty UT board.


Then the old systems next to their hopeful new homes.

For those wondering about the tape on the front of the Widow Systems, those are there because, to be honest, the front lights are obnoxiously bright.