ATi FireGLX Drivers

For : Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

Unlike other guides, you will have to be using a recent version of Mepis to complete this guide. I'd presume that you would need at least Simply Mepis Test 3.3 or the Simply Mepis 3 final release. It also should be able to be completed in recent versions of Pro Mepis. This guide will not work on any of the 2004.0X releases.

Also, keep this in mind. The Fire Glide drivers will only work on ATi R200 chips and up. That is basically starting at Radeon 8500.  If you have a Radeon 7500 or below, or a Rage chip, these drivers will do no good.

1: As normal, lets get an apt-get update accomplished. So open the terminal

2: Close the tip if it shows up

3: type su

4: Input the root password to get to the root line

5: apt-get update

6: wait.

7: Alright, update out of the way, open up Kpackage.

8: Go ahead and switch the tab to new

9: Then click on FILE

10: Then Find Package

11: type fgl into the search box

12: Then hit find

13: Kpackage defaulted to the control panel for FireGlx. Hit the Install button.

14: Input the root password.

15: Installing the control panel will also install the fglrx-driver

So just hit install

16: Wait

17: Close Kpackage.

18: Now open up the Os Control Center

19: Enter root password

20: When it opens, click on Mouse and Display

21: Now click on ATi

22: Put a check in Official ATi fglrx driver

23: Then hit Apply

24: Hit ok.  Then reboot.

25: Unlike Nvidia-Glx, Ati's Fire Glide drivers do not give you a splash screen when Mepis loads.

26: Goto the k-menu

27: Go up to System

28: Click on settings

29: Then click on ATi Control

30: If the FireGlide drivers were installed, the ATi control panel should tell you about the installed card. If not, you will get a screen telling you the driver is a mesa-gl driver.

31: If you have a dual head card, you can also turn on dual-head support in here.

32: And manage the monitor color.

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