WinASO RegDefrag

For : Microsoft Windows NT5 - Windows 2000 Pro / Windows Xp

by : je.saist

Note: Mepisguides is aimed towards the user who is moving from Windows and is not familiar with Linux interface systems. Many of the steps such as opening up a browser and selecting a web page are shown in the Linux guides. Since it is presumed that most readers of Mepisguides are fairly competent with Windows, many of these minor steps are intentionally skipped.  There is also minimal effort to hide Paint during the screen capture process, as Microsoft Windows provides no other native screen capture solution. I am also presuming that FireFox is already installed under Windows.

Windows Guides: These are guides built with the intention of preparing a computer with a single hard drive to be resized in order to Install Mepis Linux.  The other guides are located here:

CCleaner  |  Check Disk  |  Defragment  |   Regseeker  |   WinASO  |   Mepis Install - Resize

WinASO's RegDefrag program serves much the same purpose as PageDefrag, shown in the Defragment Guide. However, WinASO specifically goes after the Registry itself.

This may be important when you might have System files just hanging out at the end of the drive partition that won't normally move. The more practical benifit is that defragging the Windows Registry can decrease system response time, which increases performance, and possibly can help with stability issues.

1: Like Hoverdesk's Regseeker, WinASO RegDefrag is freeware.  RegDefrag can be found by going to and scrolling to the page bottom.

2: The download link will take us to Cnet Download

3: Left Click on Download Now

4: Let Firefox Save to Disk

5: Left Click on Open in the Firefox download manager.

6: Left Click on Next

7: Fairly typical agreement. Check I accept the agreement

Left click on Next

8: Left Click on Next again.

9: One more time, Left Click on Next.

10: You may or may not want a desktop icon or quick launch icon. Once you decide...

Left Click on Next

11: Left Click on Install

12: After completing the install, RegDefrag will offer to run. Left Click on Finish.

13: When the program runs, Left Click on Next

14: And there we go. Right now we can see that the registry is a little under 23megs in size, and there are no fragments detected.

So what happens if Defrag Now is unchecked?  Well, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not about to intentionally corrupt a Windows system. All you have to do if a defrag is required is Left Click Defrag Now, and then let the system Reboot itself.

Remember though, this is an oversight to Microsoft's PageDefrag. Both accomplish somewhat the same objective.

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