Check Disk

For : Microsoft Windows NT5 - Windows 2000 Pro / Windows Xp

by : je.saist

Note: Mepisguides is aimed towards the user who is moving from Windows and is not familiar with Linux interface systems. Many of the steps such as opening up a browser and selecting a web page are shown in the Linux guides. Since it is presumed that most readers of Mepisguides are fairly competent with Windows, many of these minor steps are intentionally skipped.  There is also minimal effort to hide Paint during the screen capture process, as Microsoft Windows provides no other native screen capture solution. I am also presuming that Firefox is already installed under Windows.

Windows Guides: These are guides built with the intention of preparing a computer with a single hard drive to be resized in order to Install Mepis Linux.  The other guides are located here:

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Many users who have dealt with Microsoft since Windows 95 remember ScanDisk, the error checking utility included in the 9x series of Microsoft Windows. Windows NT users also have the program under the name chkdsk, or Check Disk. However, Microsoft's documentation on Check Disk is fairly poor and the GUI tools do not allow for the entire disk to be checked. So, lets force a full disk check and have Check Disk repair any errors it finds.

1: Left Click on Start and then Left Click on Run.

2: In the Run box type in the letters cmd

3: This will bring up the DOS box. Here we should have our command prompt with C:\

Type in the command ::  chkdsk /f /r

Then hit Enter on the keyboard.

4: Chkdsk will take a moment, then it will state that it cannot lick the drive and ask a question.

5: Type the letter :: y :: for yes.

Hit Enter on the keyboard

6: Lets go and and exit the Dos Box. This can be done either by hitting the x

Or just typing exit and hitting enter on the keyboard.

7: Restart Windows and DO NOT INTERRUPT THE SCAN.

Now, if this is the first time you've ever run Chkdsk at all on a Windows system, expect to have a 3-4 hour wait before the system is usable again.

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