For : Microsoft Windows NT5 - Windows 2000 Pro / Windows Xp

by : je.saist

Note: Mepisguides is aimed towards the user who is moving from Windows and is not familiar with Linux interface systems. Many of the steps such as opening up a browser and selecting a web page are shown in the Linux guides. Since it is presumed that most readers of Mepisguides are fairly competent with Windows, many of these minor steps are intentionally skipped.  There is also minimal effort to hide Paint during the screen capture process, as Microsoft Windows provides no other native screen capture solution. I am also presuming that FireFox is already installed under Windows.

Windows Guides: These are guides built with the intention of preparing a computer with a single hard drive to be resized in order to Install Mepis Linux.  The other guides are located here:

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CCleaner Part 1  |  CCleaner Part 2

CCleaner is a near  drop in replacement for the Microsoft Windows program Disk Cleanup. I will confirm that it's claim to contain no adware and spyware seems to be true. Unlike Disk Cleanup, it clears most tempory files from programs like FireFox and Opera.

1: Go ahead and open up Firefox and head for the site :

2: Even in the lower 800*600 resolution, Download CCleaner now should be visible.

Left Click on Download CCleaner now...

3: You may have to scroll down a bit as I have done. CCleaner's default page starts out with Paypall Donation buttons, but as we look down we'll see the version number and the download locations.

4: I prefer the alternative download, so Left Click on Alternative Download

5: At this point we should be taken to a que page to wait on the download.

6: Eventually FireFox's save window will come up. Left Click on Ok to Save to Disk

7: When FireFox finishes downloading our ccsetup file should be at the top of the download list in FireFox's download manager.

Left Click on Open

8: CCleaners install will now run. Select your language and Left Click on Ok.

9: Left Click on Next

10: The license agreement.  Now, I looked through this thing, and I didn't see any terms that seemed out of line. This isn't open-source software though... If you agree

Left Click on I agree

11: Unless you have your own folder for cleaning programs, just accept the defaults.

Left Click on Next

12: CClearner will now present several options to intergrate with the system. No, I'm not a big fan of IE, or IE Toolbars...

13: So, yes. Add CCLeaner Yahoo! Toolbar got UNCHECKED.  

Left Click on Install

14: Left Click on Finish to complete the install.

Go to Part 2 for CClearner Usage.

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