Reinstall X Configuration File

For : Mepis 6 Final

by : je.saist

This walkthrough is for Mepis 6.0 only and shows how to re-install the X configuration file from the LiveCD.

1: Left Click on System in the Taskbar

2: Left Click on System Configuration (Settings)

3: Under (settings) Left Click on System Administration

4: Under System Administration we are looking for Mepis Utilities

5: Left Click on Mepis Utilities

6: Under Mepis Utilities  we are looking on the left hand side for Reinstall X Config

7: Left Click on Reinstall X Config

8: Under the Reinstall X Config select the drive with your Linux install.

In my case it is Sda

9: Then select the /root partition.

10:  Left Click on Install

11: Restart the computer.

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