Configuring Samba Share Folders

for : Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

Over the Mepis 2004.x and 3.x series, as well as the 6.0 betas Samba was set to share the /home/(username) directory by default. At some point, I'm not sure on which version, the default shared folder has been set to /home/(username)/shared.  While this technically is more secure, and probably how the sharing should be set up, I prefer to have internal access to my entire /home/(username). This guide then shows how to configure Mepis Linux for this behavior.

This guide defaults back to using the 1024*768 resolution pictures. The Samba Control module does not show appropriatly in 800*600. 

1: Starting at System

2: Left Click on System

3: Left Click on System Configuration (Settings)

4: Now we should have our Settings:/ window up.

5: Left Click on Internet & Network

6: The view should now change to settings:/Network/

7: Left Click on Samba

8: As we can see, in the normal window, many of the configuration options are cut off, and there are no slide bars.

Maximize the Configure Window

9: Even with the window maximized at 1024*768, we see that parts of it are still getting cut off by the task bar.

Hopefully this will get fixed in KDE 4.

10: Left Click on Administrator Mode in the Lower Right Hand Corner

11: Enter your /root password, then Left Click on OK

12: Alright, there we go, we are now in Adminstrator mode. Also notice how the border has changed to red.

13: Left Click on the Tab that is labled Shares

14: Our default shared folder is set at /home/(username)/Shared

Left Click on the /home/(username)/Shared

15: Left Click on Edit Share in the lower right hand corner

16: We can now see the information for our share. We are interested in 2 lines here: Path and Comment

The Name is just a label. You can make it say whatever you want.

17: Left Click into the Path text field.  Delete the current entry.

18: Type in /home/(username)

Put your username for your home directory. Please do not type (username) out.

19: Now the same for the Comment.

20: Change Coment to /home/(username)

Again, please type in your own login name. Do not type (username) out.

21: Left Click on OK

22: Left Click on OK again to save the changes.

Congrats, your /home/(username) folder is now shared. At this point, you may need to restart your network services.

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