Easier Samba Sharing

For : Mepis Linux 6.5

by : je.saist

Typically, in the past, modifying Samba shares has been a bit of a pain to capture. The dialog box used to change the shares has a small issue with not displaying properly in 800*600.

So... it was of some interest to find that part of the Samba configuration system has it's own tool now located in the Settings menu.  Lets see what we have.

This guide walks through setting the entire /home folder to be shared
through Samba, rather than just the default single folder named Share.

1: Start with a Left Click on System.

2: Left Click on System Configuration (Settings).

3: Left Click on Internet & Network

4: Typically in the past, we've gone to Samba.  Not this time though.

5: Left Click on File Sharing.

6: Oh dear... it still seems to be cut off...

7: However, with the task bar hidden and maximized... all the buttons are visible.

8: Left Click on Administrator Mode.

9: Enter your /root password then Left Click on OK

10: Here we can see that our shared folder is /home/(username)/share

11: Left Click on the target /home/(username)/Shared

12: Left Click on Change.

13: Here we can edit our share settings.

14: I am changing my share point to be just /home/(username)

15: With the new share point set, Left Click on OK.

16: The share point is now changed.

17: Left Click on OK.

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