Network Restart

For: Mepis Linux 6.5 | 6.04 betas

by: je.saist

This guide looks at using the new Mepis Network Assistant found in Mepis 6.5 and the 6.5 betas to restart a network connection. This guide also shows where to locate the wireless configuration under the Mepis Network Assistant.

Why would you want to restart your network?

A: Hardware Changes in the network, such a new switch or router.
B: Changes to Samba, such as changing, adding, or removing shares.
C: Changes to IP address, such as moving to a static address.
D: Changes to a Wireless IP address, such as using a new access point.
E: Router has crashed or cable came unplugged.

1: Starting at System

2: Left Click on System and move up to the Mepis entry.

3: Under Mepis, Left Click on Mepis Network Assistant.

4: Enter your /root password, then Left Click on OK

5: Here we have our default entry screen to the Mepis Network Assistant.

If you need to set a static DNS, this is the place. We are not touching that function though.

6: Left Click on the Tab labeled Interfaces

Here we can see information about our connection type, and our current status, which currently is disconnected. This is slightly misleading. eth0 here is the onboard network adapter for the Gateway E-3200. eth1 is the connection that I'm actually using, a PCI network card. So, if you can't turn your onboard network card off, that is not a problem at all under Mepis Linux.

7: Left Click on eth0 to bring up the drop down box.

9: Left Clicking on wlan0 will bring up the drop down menu.

Since eth1 is the network adapter I need to restart, I am going to Left Click on eth1

9: Start/Restart on Apply is a checkbox. Check the box.

10: Then Left Click on Apply

11: Mepis will inform us that restarting the network could take as long as 15 seconds.

Left Click on OK

12: After a few seconds, we should see a new icon appear in Lower Right Hand Corner.

As we can see below, it has Two Yellow Arrows

13: We can now see that we have an IP Address. We are now connected again.

*Wireless Location*

1: Left Click
on wlan0

2: Here we can see that I do not have a Wireless card installed. If you are looking to make sure that your wireless card is seen though, this is the location you would come to.

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