Media Support - LibMad0 / LibXine-Extras / LibVisual

Part 1

For: Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

Mepis Linux, while being a great out of the box distrobution, skips some of the Non-Free media support in the current distrobution. While some of these items are included in various Mepis Distrobutions and not in others, the particular items in this guide are missing in the Mepis 6.01 DVD. While only LibMab0 is required for initial MP3 playback through KMPlayer, we'll need LibXine-Extras for Amarok and Kaffeine to function properly. Amarok will also need LibVisual for the visualization effects.

1: Lets start by opening up Synaptic. That's the little yellow box on the bottom of the task bar that currently has a 0 under it. (you have been doing your updates, right?)

2: Input your /root password and click ok.

3: By this time, everybody knows what the 3rd step is going to look like. Yep, Synaptic, as usual.

4: Click on Search 

5: And there is our search box.

6: The first file we are going after is for our initial MP3 support.

Type libmad into the Search line.

7: We do have a couple of options that result from LibMad. The top option is libmad0.

Right Click on libmad0

8: We should now have our context menu for Synaptic.

9: Left Click on Mark for Installation

10: As libmad0 does not depend on any other files, it simply gets marked with a yellow arrow pointing to the right.

11: We are not down yet though. Click on Search again.

12: The Search box will still have libmad in it from earlier. Delete libmad.

13: Type in libxine

14: And then click Search

15: As usual, we have some options for libxine. And again, we are only interested in one of them.

16: Left Click on libxine-extracodes

And turn the page.