Installing Evolution Email Client / Recovering Email

For: Mepis Linux

by: je.saist

Now, I'm going to start by saying that I'm not real happy with the deal that Novell recently inked with Microsoft. I'm also going to say that for non-commercial users, Thunderbird, Opera, or Kmail offer excellent email clients on the Linux Platform. However, if you do need to talk to a Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell Evolution is just about your only option.

This guide covers installing Evolution into Mepis, but goes a step beyond that. It will also show you how to recover your email from a previous Evolution installation.

1: We'll start by getting Mepis. Open Synaptic. It's on the desktop as the Yellow Box with a 0 underneath.

2: Input your /root password. Left Click on OK.

3: Wait for Synaptic to load.

4: Left Click on Search at the top of Synaptic.

5: Hello Search box, we meet again.

6: Type in evolution

7: Left Click on Search

8: Quite a few programs reference Evolution. Depending on the size of your screen you may need to scroll down to find the Evolution Package. In 1024*768 the Evolution Package is just at the bottom of the window.

9: Left Click on Evolution.

10: Right Click to bring up the Context Menu

11: Left Click on Mark for installation

12: Since we are using the default Mepis Distribution Evolution will need to install many files from the Gnome project in order to run. This could take a while to install.

13: Left click on Mark so that Synaptic will mark all the files that need to be downloaded.

14: We'll now see that evolution and evolution-data-server have yellow arrows pointing to the right.

15: For a fully functional Evolution, we'll need some more files.

Left Click on evolution-plugins

16: Right Click and Mark for Installation.

17: The evolution-plugins will also require libexchange-storage1.2-1

Left Click on Mark to grab the library.

18: The same for evolution-exchange.

Left Click to select

19: Right Click for the Context Menu.

Left Click
on Mark for installation.

20: Now evolution-exchange is marked for install. There are a few more packages, so go ahead and scroll down the list.

And turn to Part 2 where we'll get the rest of the Evolution plugins and complete the install.

I want to do Evolutions Setup, can I skip to Part 3?