iPod Hardware Report

For : Mepis Linux 6.5

by: je.saist

Yes, I have gotten my hands on an iPod... what is surprising is who it came from.  

Yes. that is indeed an NCSoft logo.  This is specifically the 2gig Second Generation iPod Nano.

Unfortunately, this also means that it is one of the models not currently supported by the Rockbox firmware. While this iPod can't be made to play .ogg or .flac files right now, it is still accessible for .mp3 and .wav files.

1: Plugging the iPod in to a Mepis 6.5 system results in an IPOD icon showing on the desktop.

2: Left Click on the IPOD icon to mount and open shows 4 different control folders.

3: Under Infocenter the iPod is identified under the USB controller.

Here we can see the transfer speed is set at 480 Mbit/s and the Vendor is correctly listed as Apple.

4: Still under Kinfocenter, the storage space is also shown. 


5: So what does the iPod look like in Amarok?

6: ... read the text below.

I'm not actually sure what happened. I don't know if the iPod was already plugged in, or if I had just plugged it in. The very first time I plugged the iPod up, I was given a message to Initialize the iPod. I... think this was the second time hooking the iPod up, but done while Amarok was running. If a message is presented to either Initialize or Remove Itunes Lock File, it should be safe to do so.

7: either way, the yellow bar at the bottom now indicates that Device Successfully Connected.

8: A left click on the Media Device tab brings up the listed music.


Configuring the iPod on an Amarok with no media devices.

9: If the iPod is not detected automatically, it is possible to force an iPod connection.

In this test case, no devices were configured in Amarok at all, and upon plugging the iPod in, Amarok immediately asked how it should configure the device. This is similar to Step 26 on the Original Amarok / Iriver guide.

10: Here the device is specified as an Apple iPod Media Device

11: And with a Left Click to OK...

12: And another Left Click to Connect...

13: And Amarok complains the iPod is not mounted.

14: Easy way to mount is to duck out of Amarok and Left Click on the iPod Icon.

15: In the lower taskbar it can be seen that media:/ipod has loaded.

In a similar manner, Amarok has populated the list of songs on the iPod.

16: One final bit of information... attempting to transfer unsupported song files... such as .ogg?

Amarok is very convienent in notifying that the transfer did not happen.

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