Remove Xscanimage Plugin

For : Mepis Linux / GIMP

By : je.saist

Within recent revisions of Mepis Linux the xscanimage plugin for the GIMP is broken. Running the GIMP can result in the program hanging and generating a memory leak and driving processor usage up.  This guide walks through removing the xscanimage plugin.

System Components:

Abit NF7-S 2.0  /  AthlonXp 2500+ @ 3200+  /  1gig DDR 400mhz 2,2,2,5 / XFX Geforce 6600 GT
Asus P5RD2-VM / Pentium4 630 @ 3.45ghz  /  1gig DDR2 PC2 667 5, 5, 5, 15 /  Sapphire x1800 XT
Gateway E-3200 / Pentium III @ 500mhz / 384megs SDRAM 100mhz  /  Radeon 7500 AIW

1: This is the Mepis-Quickstart-Guide with the currently documented fix for xscanimage.

So Brain, where are we going to get new user friendly documentation at this hour?

2: Left Click on System

3: We are going up to File System and Left Clicking on File Manager - Super User Mode.

4: Enter in your /root password and Left Click on OK.

5: We'll now be taken to /root

Hit the upwards pointing arrow.

6: And we'll now be at /

Left Click on usr

7: Left Click on lib

8: Allright, we are looking for gimp.

9: There it is. Left Click on gimp.

10: Left Click on 2.0.

11: Left Click on plug-ins.

12. Scroll to the bottom.

13: and there is xscanimage.

As we can see, something does appear to be wrong here, it's listed a shortcut.

14: We know the drill though, lets delete xscanimage.

15: Left Click on Delete to confirm.

16: The GIMP should now open up without issue now. You can close out of everything now.

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